Mamemon is a minor villain in Digimon Adventures 02 and in the reboot of Digimon Adventure. Mamemon is a small Ultimate class Digimon. He's a silver-colored Digimon with red punching gloves.

Digimon Adventures 02

When Digimon was appearing in the Real World, a Mamemon with a BigMamemon and a MetalMamemon appeared in France and took a French DigiDestined named Catherine and her partner Floramon hostage.

When Greymon and Angemon battled them, they had an ally with them: Giromon. Greymon Digivolved to MetalGreymon, Angemon Digivolved to MagnaAngemon and Floramon Digivolved to Kiwimon to fight them. They were taken down by MetalGreymon as MagnaAngemon destroyed the Control Spire.

‘’Digimon Adventure:’’

After the defeat of Devimon, while ElDradimon, Yamato, Taichi, Agumon, Takeru, Gabumon and Patamon were falling from the sky, they encountered a swarm of Mamemon along with a swarm of BigMamemon, who attacked ElDradimon.


  • Smiley Bomb
  • Sparkling Glow


  • Mamemon can Digivolve into either, PrinceMamemon or TonosamaMamemon.
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