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All the memories, all the moments, every thought and wish and dream, I am taking them from you. I am setting you free.
~ Mammon

Mammon is one of the main antagonists of Spawn and is portrayed as one of the hellspawn's most powerful enemies to date: surpassing even his rival Malebolgia, however, for all his power Mammon is still inferior to the true lord of Hell in Spawn's universe: Satan - another of Spawn's many enemies.


Mammon has always shown himself to be a master of manipulation and does not like to get his own hands dirty unless he has to, in direct contrast to Violator's tendency to get violently involved in bloodshed (often for fun).

Mammon is a very powerful creature who bargains with humans for their souls and rarely finds a soul that can resist his charm, he is believed to have masterminded most of the events that led to Al Simmons becoming Spawn - Mammon's current goal is to attain the Throne of Creation so he can weld the power to remake the universe in his own image.

Mammon's power is shown by the fact that Malebolgia - a demon long believed to be Satan - was "but a flea" in comparison to Mammon: his status in Hell is shown by the fact high-ranking demons refer to him as "Lord" but refer to the true Satan as "Master" (meaning Mammon is apparently second in command next to the King of Darkness). He is defeated by Spawn and sealed away by Nyx in Spawn #184.

Mammon made cameos in 296 and 297 in a flashback.

Powers and Abilities

As one of the Lords of Hell Mammon is a universal level demon-like Malebolgia but While he's not actually incompetent, he's vastly outclassed by Satan and Malebolgia in terms of power. While he's of use to Satan in the Armageddon arc, he's still playing second fiddle. Notice how he doesn't dare fight Spawn directly without Morana to take Leetha out of the picture. He is a skilled chessmaster and more manipulative than Malebolgia and Wynn.

In other media

Spawn: Armageddon

Mammon appeared as the deuteragonist in the videogame.

The Adventures of Spawn

Mammon appears as the main antagonist of the series and the leader of the Forces of Darkness. The second issue describes him as; "The last surviving member of the Forces of Darkness. Dark Lord Mammon is a trickster demon, unmatched when it comes to deception and the power of persuasion. Long overlooked among his dastardly peers, he now stands on the cusp of becoming an even bigger threat than any who came before him."



  • Mammon's name is derived from that of the mythological being who is both an ancient fertility god and an embodiment of excess wealth, in theological writings the name "Mammon" is attributed to a humanoid and demonic representation of the sin of avarice. The Spawn Version is based on said writings.
  • Mammon is the second primary antagonist in Spawn the first is Malebolgia and the third being Satan.


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