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Man Crab

The Man-Crab is the fourth villain on Scooby Doo: Mystery Incorporated.

A young man and his girlfriend are setting up the volleyball nets for the volleyball tournament, when the Man-Crab appears and kidnaps them both.

The next day, the volleyball tournament is going on normal, until the Man-Crab rises out of the sand, grabbing one of the girls playing. He chases the audience away, then makes his escape. After talking to the police, the gang searches for clues, immediately finding large amounts of sand pouring from a locker with Skipper Shelton's name. Fred sets up a trap, while Daphne gets ready to be a stand-in for the game, but while Velma is helping her with sunscreen, the Man-Crab locks her in the car and chases Daphne away, it succeeds in capturing her, as Shaggy had walked into the trap on the way to get some food at Skipper Shelton's. Later, the Man-Crab watches the gang in the library's newspaper archive, where Velma discovers that some kids went missing in a cave system that runs under the beach, directly under the volleyball tournament. Investigating there, they find all the people (and a seagull) that the Man-Crab captured in a cage. Scooby picks the lock, and they escape, but the Man-Crab appears and chases them. Scooby and Shaggy run up the Crab's stairway system, finally emerging in the sand of the volleyball court. They lead the Crab to the reset trap, and the Man-Crab is caught. They Man-Crab is revealed to be Bud Shelton, mascot of Trickell's Triquid, the sponsor of the tournament. Bud says he was the real inventor of the drink, and that he wanted to name it Bud's Bloosh. His motive was to get revenge on Trickell by ruining the tournament, and being the Man-Crab was the fastest way to get that done. And if anyone came snooping, he hid the costume in a large locker and put Skipper Shelton's name on it to divert suspicion.

Bud would have succeeded if it weren't for those meddling brats probing into his crustacean themed revenge scheme. The Police later placed Shelton under arrest and sent him to prison. 

Bud Shelton

The next villain is Que Horrifico.


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