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Villain Overview

Man Goku was a supporting antagonist in the popular historical seinen manga and anime series Kingdom. He was a General of the state of Zhao and one of vice commanders within the ranks of the Hou Ken Army. Man Goku made his first appearance as one of the main antagonists during the Battle of Bayou Arc and reappeared three years later as one of a supporting antagonist in the Coalition Invasion Arc where he invade the state of Qin with Zhao armies led by Ri Boku of the Three Great Heavens and later fought under the leadership of General Kei Sha against the Duke Hyou Army.

In the anime series, he is voiced by Tadashi Mutou.


Man Goku was a tall ghoulish looking man with thin white hair, intense red bloodshot eyes with a haggard expression on his face, he had a pencil-thin mustache and black colored teeth due to dirt staining his mouth with a deceptively muscular build that belied his lean body. For clothing, he usually appeared naked wearing only a light purple cape and war boots when typically on a raid. While on the battlefield he wears the same cape with a sleeveless robe and dark blue pants beneath grayish armor. As a child he was a relatively normal looking pre teen boy with black before it turned white due to his trauma.


Take it all, Qin...Our darkness...T-t-the 400,000 curse of Chouhei...Have a good taste...Of all of it. T-this is only the beginning of your suffering.

Man Goku bore a fanatical and vindictive hatred against the state of Qin and its people as he would ruthlessly slaughter and pitilessly committed numerous atrocities against its citizens. Man Goku had a speech impenitent which took the form of stuttering but was always seen being eerily silent during meetings with his colleagues and leaders as he would say very little, however when out on the battlefield or on one of his raids Man Goku would speak almost constantly despite his shutter. Man Goku also held great amount of respect and gratitude towards Hou Ken as he referred to the Great General with the honorific of "sama" and unflinchingly rushed to assist the Bushin. And even possibly showed a hint of camaraderie as he tried to destroy the Hi Shin Unit for their role in killing his fellow Zhao general, Fuu Ki.


Early Life

In his youth, Man Goku and his father and older brother were part of the 400,000 Zhao soldiers that surrendered to the Qin armies during the aftermath of the Battle of Chouhei. Using a lack of food and a fear of revolts as his reasons Haku Ki, the Qin Commander-In-Chief and leader of the Six Great Generals ordered the execution of these captured men.

Battle of Bayou Arc

Coalition Invasion Arc

Battle of Kankoku Pass - The First Day




  • For all intents and purposes, Man Goku was one of the most insane characters in the series. His madness and cruelty rivalling that of the Kan Ki Army and Han Roki.



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