What do you most fear?
~ The Man

The Man of the Empty Streets is a Creepypasta villain. He haunts the streets in the Witching Hour and is some kind of malevolent spirit. He often appears when the streets are entirely empty, as the story says "At any given time in the year the streets are silent" and he is often just waiting at the end of the street in the night for a client. When he sees one,  he asks them what it is they fear most. He will not take any such fears such as drowning, clowns or the dark as real fears. In the story, he takes insects as a reasonable fear; then he proceeds to kill the man's cat and smother it in insects. Then he breaks into the man's house. He stands over him in the early morning and when the man has cameras installed he approaches the camera and smiles eerily. Low ambience also plays when the stranger approaches the cameras. He then does a mind trick on his victim - he causes doors to become portals to other places; like when his victim is at work and opens the toilet door it becomes a portal back to his own bedroom where the stranger is waiting for him.

It is implied the Man of the Empty Streets eventually leaves his victim alone; but not before driving him almost completely insane - and then his victim is left to warn others that if they look out in the early morning and see the dark streets completely empty; never to go outside.

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