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The Mana-People, also known as Humans, True Humans, Mana-Wielders, and the Citizens of Mana are an antagonistic species that appeared within the Japanese anime series CROSS ANGE Rondo of Angel and Dragon. They are divided into several nations, with the Empire of Misurugi being the most referenced and influential. The series main antagonist, Lord Embryo, would later make Misurugi his base. It was also from this nation that the titular heroine, Princess Angelise Ikaruga Misurugi (later known as Ange) was born.

On the surface, the World of Mana appears to be a perfect utopia. In this world created by Embryo, crime, poverty and war are virtually unheard of, its citizens living in peace. The source of prosperity is a seemingly abundant magical energy referred to as "The Light of Mana". Distributed throughout the whole world via the Dawn Pillar, people use this seemingly abundant energy source to accomplish most of their daily tasks from cooking to driving, heavy lifting and even powering up day to day devices within their homes.

Beneath the surface, however, the Mana-People are nothing but bigoted hypocrites. Distributed throughout the world are a group of people that do not benefit from the prosperity that the rest of the population is entitled to. This faction is the Norma, a term used to describe women/girls who from the moment of their birth are unable to access the Light of Mana and destroy it upon contact. Having been programmed by Embryo to hate the Norma, the Mana-Wielders generally treat any Norma they discover as inhumane monsters and abominations. These innocent people are immediately shipped off to the penal colony of Arzenal, with their lives forfeit to everyone that knew them. The Norma will then spend the rest of their lives as expendable meat shields, used to fight the DRAGON's, so that the Mana-People can continue to live on in peace.

Unfortunately for the antagonists, this very prejudice turned out to be their undoing. By the start of the series, this mistreatment and hypocrisy had been going on for countless generations. Believing that his creations had exploited and misused his gifts, the amoral scientist that had created this dystopia, planned to construct a new world, one that did not include the corrupt people of mana.


The Mana-World is divided into at least six nations, the Misurugi Empire, the Galia Empire, the Kingdom of Rosenblum, the Enderant Union, Marmeria Republic and the Velda Dynasty. Each territory has its own system of government and leaders, who handle the day to day running of their nation. These six nations are all allies, whose leaders will occasionally meet to discuss important matters, usually relating to the DRAGON’s or Norma. Embryo, is revered and held in high esteem across the world.

Unbeknownst to most, a seventh nation exists, called Arzenal. This is the penal colony to which all captive Norma are sent upon their discovery. They are the only nation not to have a representative since Norma officially have no rights in any of the existing countries, a fact which would later come back to bite the Mana-People. The capturing of Norma is handled by a specialised division known as the Norma Management Board, which has offices established in every nation. The general population do not know or care what happens to the Norma following their detainment. Even fewer know about the existence of Arzenal or the DRAGON’s. Anybody unfortunate enough to discover the existence of either of these are terminated to prevent the secret getting out.

Relations with the Norma, Ancient Humans, and DRAGON's

I told you to leave! You... You shouldn't have been born! Get away from me.
~ Hilda's mother disowning her eldest daughter for being born a Norma.

The Mana-People refer to themselves as the "true humans" and regard any humanoids that cannot use the Light of Mana to be abominations. This includes the Ancient Humans, DRAGONs and Norma. Whilst many citizens do not know about the existence of the two former species, they are aware about the Norma and, as a result of Embryo’s conditioning, openly despise them. At no point within the franchise do they make any to mask or conceal their hatred.

Only the leaders of the Mana-Society and the Norma Management Board, know about the existence of the DRAGONs and the threat posed by them. However, they have found a way to deal with them, by pitting two of their so-called enemies against each other, namely the Norma and the DRAGONs. Their view on the Ancient Humans is not known as this faction is believed to be extinct.

There is some justification to the Mana-Societies hatred, as the Ancient Humans and the Norma have formed alliances and waged wars against them in the past. What the humans do not take into consideration though is that it was their own racists opinions and original mistreatment of both of factions, which made such alliances possible. Even so, all rebellions up until the events of the series have been mercilessly crushed and dealt with, bolstering the Mana-Users superiority complex.

Ancient Humans

Described as being war like, murderous, and debauched, the Ancient Humans were in fact part of the original inhabitants and rulers of what eventually became the World of Mana. These were the people left unaffected by Embryo's original experiments, which created the original Mana-Wielders. They were eventually displaced by Embryo's creations.

The Ancient Humans (who could not use Mana themselves but were unable to destroy it like Norma) fought numerous wars against the interlopers in a bid to reclaim their rightful position but were defeated every time. During the First Libertus, the few surviving Ancient Humans aided the Norma in their attempt to break free from the cruel treatment imposed upon both of their peoples. Although they achieved a strategic victory, by stealing one of Embryo’s Para-Mail, later dubbed the Vilkiss, Libertus, like so many other rebellions before it, was utterly crushed.

By the start of the CROSS ANGE series, the Ancient Humans were generally believed, by the few people that still knew about them, to be extinct. However, a single known survivor exists, Ange's boyfriend, Tusk. Born to an Ancient Human father and a Norma mother who both perished in the First Libertus, Tusk has continued to aid Jill and the Norma where possible. He serves as the Knight of Vilkiss and has travelled the world extensively looking for any other survivors. Unfortunately, his search has turned up no results, making him the last known example of his kind.


The citizens of the Mana-World generally do not know about the existence of the DRAGONs. Those that do, are content to sit back and let the Norma fight their battles for them. They do this by opening singularities, breaches in reality, which allow the DRAGONs through. Deliberately setting these up around Arzenal, they allow their enemies to destroy each other, thinning one another's ranks. The DRAGONs corpses are then collected and shipped back to Misurugi for processing, in order to feed Aura, the mother of all DRAGONs.

In contrast, the DRAGONs consider the Mana-Wielders to be false humans and children of the enemy. Since Embryo created the Mana-World by splitting it from their own and capturing their leader they originally considered all humanoids within this parallel dimension to be their enemies. Their main goal is to rescue Aura and take back the world that was once theirs.

Eventually, Salamandrinary and her people came to realise that both they and the Norma shared a common enemy. During Emrbyo’s dimensional merger, the two factions formed an alliance and did nothing to help their leaders captors, abandoning the people to their fate.


'Man A: It's you Norma's that did this, isn't it?
Man B: Don't you care if we die?
Ange: Nope.
~ Ange to a group of human nobles.

The Citizens of Mana are universally intolerant of the Norma. Generally, all problems no matter how big or small, are blamed on those that cannot wield Mana. Once a woman/girl is identified as being one, within any of the six nations, her life is forfeit. No consideration is given to the Norma's age, rank or family. Whether she be a baby, a young girl, a teenager, or an adult, all of them are shipped off to Arzenal to fight the DRAGON's. The parents protest and concerns, if they have any, are completely ignored.

Those living on Arzenal are supplied with weapons, food, water and other materials when necessary, but never anything more than the bare essentials. If what happened with Ange and Hilda is anything to go by, should a Norma ever attempt to return to her home nation, she will not receive a warm reception. Instead, she is liable to nothing but harassment and brutality. If lucky, she will be sent back to Arzenal. If not, she faces outright execution. The sole exception was the Diamond Rose Knights, who were an official creation of Embryo. Even then, their presence was barely tolerated.

Despite all of this, a few people, have demonstrated that the Mana-Wielders ingrained prejudice can be overcome. Emperor Jurai Asuka Misurugi and his wife, the Empress Sophia Ikaruga Misurugi, both knew that their daughter Angelise was a Norma. Yet instead of immediately banishing her to Arzenal, they concealed the truth and raised her lovingly. This ultimately cost both of them their lives, when they and Ange were betrayed by their son Julio Asuka Misurugi. Likewise, Ange's personal maid Momaka Oginome has known since childhood that her mistress was a Norma but has never thought any differently of her. Such was Momaka's devotion that she eventually stowed away to Arzenal, where she continued to serve the former Princess. Princess Misty Rosenblum, of the Kingdom of Rosenblum, likewise shows no hostility for the Norma, in contrast to the rest of her family and associates. Inspector Emma Bronson of Arzenal and Second Princess/Empress Sylvia Ikaruga Misurugi would both later reform as well, though the latter did so too late to make amends with her sister.

Tragically, these people are shown to be notable exceptions. Everybody else is content to continue with their mistreatment the Norma. This included Ange's former friends, subjects, and both of her siblings.

Naturally of course, this hatred is not one sided. The Norma are fully aware about the humans opinion of them and despise them in turn. Many of them dream about going to the mainland, but have accepted that they cannot change things. However, they hate having to risk their lives on a daily basis in a never ending battle for survival, whilst their oppressors get to live on in peace.

Eventually, however, this mistreatment proved to be the Norma’s salvation, allowing them to take their long-awaited revenge upon their former abusers. When Julio Misurugi launched his genocidal invasion of Arzenal in defiance of Embryo's orders, the Norma did not hesitate to take up arms and defend themselves. Following the attack, they launched the Second Libertus, declaring outright war on their enemies. At the end of the series, when the humans lost their ability to use mana, it led to a role reversal, in which the battle-hardened Norma now held the advantage. Content to let the former Mana-Wielders suffer after generations of mistreatment and abandonment, the surviving Norma left their villainous counterparts to an uncertain fate in a now destroyed world, whilst they went to live on in the DRAGON world, a world of luxury and true peace.


Princess Angelise’s Exposure and Expulsion (Episodes 1-8)

You've got nothing left Princess. Not your Royal privilege, not even your human dignity. Say hello to a living hell.
~ Commander Jill's welcoming speech to Angelise upon her arrival at Arzenal.

Princess Angelise Ikaruga Misurugi, was first introduced alongside several other notable Mana-Wielders (Julio, Sylvia, Momoka and Misty) during the Iaria championship match between the Misurugi's Ho-o Institute and the Rosenblum Floria Academy. Misty and the Floria team won, with Angelise promising to beat them next time. With the match over, the royal heirs started the journey home, unaware it would be their last trip together as a family.

On the way, they were caught in a traffic jam caused by the Norma Management Board, who had discovered a young Norma, and gone to collect her. A large crowd had gathered, and the mother's begging to spare her daughter, who was only a baby, went completely unheard. In the end, Angelise got frustrated. Getting angry, she climbed out of the car and told the mother to forget about her daughter, much to the approval of the spectators. Outraged, the woman tried to attack Angelise, who was saved by Momoka. In the end, the Norma was taken away and the royal children were able to continue their journey uninterrupted.

The Misurugi Empire was preparing for Angelise's sixteenth birthday. As part of the celebration, Angelise was to undergo the baptism ritual, sealing her transition to adulthood, and allowing her to become more active in the running of their country. However, it was at this precise moment that Julio, Angelise's own brother betrayed her and his parents. He told everybody over live television that his sister was in fact a Norma, ordering her immediate arrest.

This declaration shocked everybody, including Angelise herself, who was not aware of this fact. When Empress Sophia moved to protect her daughter however, Angelise broke a Mana-cage by merely touching it. As this was something that only a Norma could do, Julio’s accusation was confirmed. At this the citizens of Misurugi turned on their princess, and her parents. Emperor Jurai and his daughter were swiftly detained, whilst Sophia was killed whilst trying to protect Ange. In the aftermath, Julio became the Emperor.

Stripped of her royal title and privileges, Angelise was secretly shipped off to Arzenal. All her possessions were dumped into the sea en-route. Upon arrival, Commander Jill welcomed the new resident now renamed Ange to hell. Meanwhile, in the outside, all traces of the Norma Princess were erased. As far as the humans were concerned, Princess Angelise Ikaruga Misurugi no longer existed.

Ange's Return and Escape (Episodes 9-10)

Momoka. You... And those people... You were the only ones... who accepted me without prejudice, Norma or not. Compared to that... These are the just, peace-loving people of the Misurugi Empire? They're pigs. All of them. They're all unreasonable, ugly, stupid pigs. Why do we Norma have to go through so much to keep them alive?
~ Ange reflects on the true nature of the Mana-Society.

Despite her initial denials, Ange eventually accepted what had happened, but still refused to identify with the others as a Norma. In spite of a number of hardships, Ange swiftly began to settle into her new life and thrive. She was eventually joined by Momoka, who stowed away on a transport in order to reunite with her mistress. Ange was eventually able to save her loyal maid from execution, much to the approval of Jill.

Then, one day, Momoka intercepted a message from Sylvia, who said that she was in trouble, and pleaded for her sister to help her. Eventually, Ange managed to escape from Arzenal by taking her former friend Misty Rosenblum hostage. She was aided by the loyal Momoka and Hilda, who likewise wished to escape in order to reunite with her mother.

The trio eventually made it back to the mainland, and went their separate ways. Unfortunately, both reunions turned out to be disastrous. Hilda discovered that her mother had now had a second daughter (also called Hilda) who could use the light of mana. Despite her previous promise to protect her daughter, Hilda’s mother denounced her oldest child for being a Norma, sending her away in tears. Shortly afterwards, the dejected Hilda was captured.

At the same time, Ange and Momoka walked into ambush. They were pursued by several policeman and royal guards. Despite this setback, Ange eventually managed to catch sight of Sylvia. As she leapt to her aid however, Sylvia suddenly pulled out a knife and attempted to stab Ange. The former Princess was soon detained and thrown into prison. There she and Momoka were met by Ange's siblings. Sylvia blamed her sister for making her a paraplegic (she had fallen off a horse whilst riding with Ange, some years previously) and the deaths of their parents. Julio meanwhile, gloatingly informed Ange that he was the one that had orchestrated her return. Smiling triumphantly, the Emperor then told his sister that she was going to be put on trial.

A large crowd of Mana-Wielders gathered to watch the event, amongst them were Ange's former friends and the woman Ange had previously insulted. They laughed and jeered as Ange was brutally whipped by her sister. When Momoka pleaded for them to stop, asking why Ange needed to be subjected to this, one of the girls simply answered that it was because she was a Norma. A second later, one of Ange's friends began to chant "Hang her!", a chant which was quickly taken up by the rest of the crowd. Thinking that he had won, Julio prepared to do just that.

As she glared hatefully at her former associates and subjects, Ange finally recognized the true nature of the Mana-World. Despite everything they said about the Norma being evil, it was the people that called themselves humans who were the real monsters in this dystopian world. They were selfish, unreasonable xenophobes, who picked on innocent people simply for something that was beyond their control. In contrast, the Norma had accepted Ange for who she was, despite their misgivings.

In that instant, Ange renounced all ties to her previous existence, except for Momoka. The transformation that Julio had forced upon her was now complete. Disgusted with her past self, Princess Angelise, the human heir to Misurugi ceased to exist and Ange the Norma was truly born.

Believing that she was about to die, Ange saw her mother's ring, now held firmly in Julio's hand. Deciding not to give anybody the satisfaction of watching her squirm, Ange began to sing her mothers song, as she voluntarily climbed the stairs to the gallows. This act of defiance silenced all of the spectators, whilst Julio and Sylvia’s orders to stop singing were ignored.

A second after the lever was pulled however, Tusk arrived. He shot towards Ange on his skyhook and managed to rescue her, whilst also stealing back her royal ring. The audience watched on in shock, as Momoka and Ange broke free of their bindings and managed to defeat the surrounding guards. Within seconds, the trio were safely aboard Tusk's skyhook, out of the reach of their former captors. As Julio shouted in protest, Ange turned to face vile ruler of her former nation, delivering a final message to him and his subjects:

Thank you, my dear brother Julio. You revealed my true identity. Thank you, Sylvia. You showed me the true, filthy nature of human beings. Goodbye, beasts from a rotten nation!
~ Anges' final message.

With that, Ange activated the skyhooks thrusters and fled from the scene. Desperate to see his sister die, Julio shouted at the surviving guards to get after her. Hearing him, Ange furiously lobbed a shuriken behind her, which slashed open her brothers cheek before embedding itself in the throne. Sylvia and the rest of the spectators cried out in horror, as Julio fell to his knees howling in pain. Meanwhile, Ange and her allies successfully managed to make their escape.

Ange and Hilda both returned to Arzenal, where they were detained for insubordination and escape. Despite their harrowing situation, the two Norma had finally gained closure, accepting that nothing remained for them on the mainland now. Having had enough of the humans treatment of the Norma and the vile nature of this corrupt world, Ange vowed to find a way to topple to Mana-World and was quick to recruit Hilda into her scheme.

Emperor Julio's Attack on Arzenal (Episode 13)

Everyone, they're humans. They have no intention of helping us Norma. They intend to gather us up like possessions and assign us to fight elsewhere. Those of you who want that, surrender. But if you want to resist, follow me. Arzenal command hereby rejects human administration. We will now begin our rebellion... Operation Libertus. Those who wish to join us should take arms and gather at the lowest level of Arzenal. This is all.
~ Commander Jill initiating the Second Libertus in opposition to Humans, Episode 13.

In the aftermath of Salamandrinary and the DRAGONs attack on Arzenal, the leaders of the various nations held a meeting over the Mana-network to discuss their options. Also present was none other, than Embryo himself. The Mana-Users were unnerved by the DRAGONs boldness and feared it could mean the threat of a full out invasion. After listening to Embryo's speculations and suggestions, the men and women all agreed that the best course of action was to terminate the world that they currently lived in and restart afresh.

Believing that their master intended to save them, they asked what to do about the Norma? Embryo informed them that they were still vital his scheme, but that he also certain residents for as yet undisclosed purpose. Seeing an opportunity for revenge and a chance to prove himself, Julio personally volunteered to retrieve these for his master, one of which was his sister Ange.

Gathering together a large fleet and invasion force, Julio arrived at Arzenal under the pretext of offering assistance. Commander Jill saw through the rouse however and decided that enough was enough. In the above quote, she told the Norma to do as they wished, but stated that she intended to fight against the oppression that the Norma had suffered at the hands of these people over countless generations.

Not a single resident of Arzenal answered to Julio's false promise. After seeing that the Norma were preparing to defend themselves, Julio sent in his forces. A huge battle broke out between the invaders and the defenders. Throughout the carnage, the humans started searching for Embryo’s listed targets and any other para-mail riders they could find. Everybody else, was massacred, whether armed or not. The humans showed no concern for the age or status of their victims and it soon became clear that Julio was enacting a genocide, in defiance of Embryo's instructions.

Ange was soon made aware of this, by the master of mankind himself. When a pair of soldiers attacked Momoka, Ange killed one of them before interrogating the survivor. The man said he was simply following orders, which earnt him a swift death sentence. Furious that her brother and the humans would willingly commit such an atrocity, especially against unarmed civilians, Ange decided to cut off the head of the invasion.

Battling her way to the hangar, she climbed onto the Vilkiss and took the fight straight to Julio’s fleet. Tapping into her machines vast power, she managed to destroy the surrounding drones, before turning her attention to the fleet itself. At the same time, Tusk and the surviving Norma started to fall back, rescuing several of their comrades, and taking numerous Mana-Wielders with them.

With the Vilkiss at her command, Ange destroyed most of Julio's invasion fleet before cutting open the bridge to the flagship. Confronting the leader of the humans forces, Ange shot her brother in the leg before he could escape. She then ordered him to call off the assault threatening to kill him if he did not comply. Reluctantly, Julio did as instructed much to the shock of his surviving forces. Ignoring his desperate plea’s, Ange prepared to finish off the man who had ruined her life out of petty spite.

She was stopped by Embryo, who offered to do the deed himself. Julio and his surviving forces, were then massacred by their overlord, who used a powerful song to completely annihilate them. At the same time, Jill led the surviving Norma away from Arzenal on a submarine called the Aurora. With this, the Norma officially began their latest rebellion against the residents of the Mana-World.

The End of the World (Episodes 22-25)

Who said you'd be going? The new world will be made by intelligent women. You failures will take responsibility for plunging this world into chaos.
~ Embryo betraying his creation.

It is not known what happened in the immediate aftermath of Julio's failed invasion. Apart from Sylvia, nobody was shown to mourn the loss of her brother, not even the other leaders. Sylvia herself became the new Empress of Misurugi, with Embryo acting as her regent. The remaining Princess was also given custody of Riza, Julio’s former bodyguard, who was in fact a mole for the DRAGONs. Sylvia kept the woman who had previously forced her into an induced sleep in restraints and tortured her mercilessly. Riza was eventually freed by Momoka, but was confronted by Sylvia before she could reach her mistress Salamandriary. Before escaping, Riza told Sylvia the truth that Ange had nothing to do with the deaths of Jurai or Julio, and they were killed by Julio and Embryo respectively.

Shortly after returning from the DRAGONs world, Ange was captured by a group of Norma called the Diamon Rose Knights. Embryo had personally recruited them, during Julio’s invasion, tricking all five of them into serving him. Together with Ange, they took up residence in the Misurugi Palace, much to the displeasure of Sylvia and the palace staff.

Refusing to submit to Embryo's will Ange, eventually succeeded in escaping, with a little assistance from Salia. Unwilling to let her go, Embryo personally pursued her. To aid in his search, he revealed another of his powers. With complete control over the mana system, he brainwashed numerous civilians into pursuing Ange. The former Princess managed to evade all attempts to capture her, but not without suffering great personal trauma. Momoka and Tusk both helped Ange escape, at the apparent cost of their own lives. Both were ultimately revealed to have survived, much to Ange's euphoria.

Despite this setback, Embryo nevertheless had everything prepared to start the merger. Before enacting his scheme, he met with the world leaders one more time. Aware about what Embryo was about to unleash, the various rulers asked where they should lead their people to. With his back to them, Embryo responded with a question of his own of that when had he ever said he intended to take them along with him. Revealing that the only people to accompany him would be the Diamond Rose Knights, Embryo denounced his previous creations as failures, saying that they would now face the consequences of their actions.

With that, the master of mankind cut off the mana supply, diverting it to a hidden chamber beneath the Dawn Pillar. The effect was immediate. All around the world, the humans suddenly found themselves unable to access their mystical energy source. Cars crashed, transports shut down and buildings caught fire. Sylvia's hover chair suddenly went offline, leaving the Empress unable to move. Across the entire planet, the Mana-Wielders arrogance came back to haunt them as they suddenly found themselves unable to use the very technology they depended upon.

Not long afterwards, Ange led a group of Norma and DRAGONs to the Misurugi Capital, in a bid to stop Embryo and rescue Aura. Ignoring the commotion beneath them, the former Princess got into a fight with Salia, the leader of the Diamond Rose Knights, buying time for her allies to complete their objective.

During the battle, Ange was thrown into the side of the Misurugi Palace. There she encountered Sylvia, who was crouching on the floor unable to move. Standing across from her were a group of five nobles, three men and two women. Armed with makeshift weapons, the group were demanding that Sylvia do something, even though the Empress had no idea about what was going on either. Upon seeing their former Princess, the cowardly civilians immediately ordered Ange to save them instead.

This selfish, self-serving demand infuriated Ange. Glaring at her treacherous former subjects, the exiled princess demanded to know why should she help them now?

Angered one of the women shouted that it was Ange's obligation to save them as their princess. She said this even though she and all the other citizens of Misurugi had disowned Ange, expelling her from the royal family the moment she was outed as a Norma. Raising his makeshift weapon (a hooked pole), one of the men hatefully added that this entire situation was the Norma’s fault. This demonstrated that even now, at the literal end of the world, the former Mana-Wielders still considered themselves superior to the Norma and were unwilling to let go of their prejudice.

As such, when another member of the group (a man armed with a gun) demanded to know if Ange even cared about any of them, the Norma Princess gave the xenophobes a taste of their own medicine. She responded to this question with a firm "Nope.", showing them what it felt like to be thrown into Hell and abandoned. This declaration completely shocked the nobles, prompting the man with the gun to level his weapon at Ange. Whether he intended to force her co-operation or straight up kill Ange did not matter. Raising her own fire arm, Ange swiftly put a bullet between the man’s eyes, killing the selfish noble in front of all his friends. Weapon still raised for emphasis, the former First Princess assured the frightened survivors that she did not care about them (or any other humans) one bit. Realiing that she was serious and that they were hopelessly outmatched, the rest of the group threw aside their weapons and ran screaming for their lives, while Ange felt no sympathy for them.

This left Ange alone with Sylvia. Although frightened by what she had just seen, the young Empress pleaded for help. Ange however, made it very clear that she had no intention of helping her either, not after everything that was said and done. Like Julio before her, Sylvia tried to guilt trip Ange, reminding her that they were siblings and stating that Ange was the one that left her crippled in the first place. Once again though, Ange did not buy it. She told the surprised Sylvia that the royal physicians had informed Ange long ago that there was nothing wrong with Sylvia physically. The only reason Sylvia could not walk or stand was because she was too cowardly to stand on her own two feet. Using an act of intimidation, Ange finally managed to force Sylvia to stand on her own to feet and start running. Job done she left Sylvia to fend for herself. In contrast to what had happened with Julio however, she bade her sister a fond farewell and told her to keep fighting if she wanted to survive.

Sylvia Misurugi watched on tearfully as her last remaining family member abandoned her. Recognzsing too late that she had been wrong about Ange and that Riza had spoken the truth, Sylvia broke down completely at the knowledge that she had destroyed her sisterly bond with Ange forever. She was left to fend for herself in a dying world, knowing that she could now never apologize to Ange or make amends for what she had done.

The Norma's Revenge/Abandonment (Episode 25)

'Momoka: Angelise-sama, what's going to become of the other Earth?
Ange: Not my problem. Embryo's dead. No one will guide them anymore. They'll starve to death if they don't learn how to live on their own.
~ Ange and Momoka, regarding the fate of the mana-people.

As the dimensional merger reached its closing stages and the world collapsed around them, the surviving citizens people took shelter wherever possible. Ultimately, the former Mana-Wielders were unwittingly saved by the very people that they had persecuted. Working together Ange, Tusk, the survivors of the Diamond Rose Knights, remaining Norma and DRAGON's finally managed to kill Embryo. This put an end to his schemes, and prevented the merger from ever happening.

According to the now liberated Aura, this caused the dimensions to separate forever. Thanks to the aforementioned DRAGON, the former Princess and her allies were transported to the world of the DRAGON’s also known as the true Earth.

As such the Libertus was successful. Finally, after countless generations, the Norma were freed from the persecution, torment and war they had been forced to endure all their lives. Now free to do whatever they pleased, the survivors started to build a new country alongside the DRAGONs. This nation was built around the concept of unity and freedom, where Norma, Humans and DRAGONs could all live together in harmony.

Although Ange briefly hesitated at Momoka's concern, she ultimately decided that the fate of the other humans was not their problem anymore. This sentiment was shared by the rest of the Norma, who agreed that after everything that the former mana users had done, they could either sort themselves out or die. As time passed, the DRAGONs and Norma recovered from the devastation Embryo had wrought and began a prosperous existence, free at last.

Meanwhile, back in the Mana-World, the remnants of the Mana-Society tore their once prosperous civilization apart. The Misurugi Empire was shown to be destroyed, reduced from a shining utopia into a decaying rubble. Without the Light of Mana, the survivors had no access to power, light, communication, or any of their advanced technology. In an ironic and fitting act of karma, it was now the humans turn to endure hardship daily just to stay alive. Some citizens were shown to have formed roaming gangs, battling one another for meagre resources and jealously guarding what little they have.

All is not lost, however. Sylvia, having taken Angelise's final lesson to heart, has rallied a few survivors to form her own group. Having armed themselves with weapons, she is shown rescuing a helpless young girl who apparently had her food supplies stolen by a group of armed men. Following her sister's example, the former Empress was last seen telling the girl the very words that Ange had said to her just before they parted, "Fight, unless you want to die.".


  • The Mana-World is clearly based upon the Third Reich, its treatment of the Norma comparable to the Nazi's aggressive persecution of various groups. In the same context, Arzenal can be seen as akin to a concentration camp.
    • Some fans have also noted a biblical comparison to the characters/locations in CROSS ANGE as well. For example, Embryo represents Satan, whilst Aura is God. In this regard, the Humans are sinners. They lived lavishly, mistreated and exploited others in life, only to be thrown into Hell, condemned to an eternity of suffering, with no hope of salvation.