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The Mana Beast is the final boss of the videogame Secret of Mana. It is a gigantic and unfathomably powerful dragon who rises in retaliation to Thanatos's actions, but must be stopped before it destroys the world of Fa'Diel.


The Mana Beast is a divine dragon born from the fusion of all divine beasts. It carries the Mana Power that sustains the world of Fa'Diel, and is the only one who can restore it.

It looks like a Flammy: the Great White Dragons protectors of Fa'Diel, albeit many times bigger and wilder, and coloured purple. Additional source material state that it is the fusion of many primordial Flammies created during the dawn of times.

The Mana Beast rises when a huge evil threatens Fa'Diel to destroy it and restore balance. Alas, it could become a bigger threat, as it is a being of sheer might with little control over its rage. The more Mana gets depleted, the more it rages grows, with sudden depletions driving it blind with fury. If it were to rise, the ensuing clash of power would bring about untold devastation, and if not recalled, it could destroy anything that is left.

Artwork of the final battle.

The Mana Beast has already risen, when corrupt wielders of the power of Mana created the Mana Fortress, an immense floating castle-warship of unparalleled might. It was summoned in retaliation and attacked the Fortress, at the same time as the Mana Knight, wielder of the Mana Sword, dealt with the corrupt wielders of Mana.

The Mana Goddess sealed the Fortress within a sunken island, before calling back the beast and ending the threat.

Secret of Mana

The story begins as the evil Vandole Empire seizes control of the monsters of the Underworld of Mavolia (Mana counterpart of Hell), severely weakening the Mana power. Thanatos later reactivates the Mana Fortress and uses it to destroy the Mana Tree. The rise of the Mana Fortress awoke the Mana Beast, alas the quick draining of most of the Mana power by the Fortress drove it into a destructive frenzy. Worse, with the Mana Tree gone, nothing could stop the dragon once its job is done.

So, after slaying Thanatos, the reluctant heroes are forced to destroy the fearsome beast, whose corpse turns into snowfall blanketing the entire world. Alas, its demise marks the disappearance of Mana for that era, along with all linked to it, including the last Flammy and Popoi the Sprite (one of the heroes).

Final Battle

The Final Battle

The Mana Beast is not that hard to defeat, especially if the heroes’ levels, weapons and magic are strong enough. But it is a very long battle as the dragon has 9990 life-points. The dragon casts a Wall spell that lasts during the whole fight and reflects back any spell you cast. Dispelling it is useless as it merely casts it again right after.

Randi the main hero must wield the Mana Sword and have the girl Primm and the sprite Popoi cast their Mana magic on it. When the Mana Beast attacks at close range, pummel it without end with concentrated attacks.

The Final Battle in the remake.

The Mana Beast attacks with the Lucent Beam spell at level 8. His charges cannot be dodged it starts to fly and charge from behind, from before, from right to left and left to right; or worse, when it goes at the bottom of the screen and hurls a gigantic whirling fire blast.

Cast the Healing Water or Lucid Barrier spell at least at level 7 whenever the fire blast reaches the heroes. The dragon's attacks strike them all and the fire blast is purely devastating, so heal whenever necessary.

Rise of Mana

The Mana Beast is featured as a bonus boss in the mobile phone game Rise of Mana, in which two protagonists from warring species of the Spirit Realm, the divine Rasta and demonic Daruka, must share a body and learn to cooperate in the physical planes.

The Mana Beast in Rise of Mana.

The dragon is fought in a floating space. It is gigantic, considerably powerful and very resilient. The heroes must keep as close as possible and strike it repeatedly with all they can, while minding its damaging attacks.

The Mana Beast cannot be harmed when it wraps itself in its wings. It swipes its claws, breathes several fireballs or a stream of fire, flaps its wings to unleash an onslaught of fire and waves of purplish energy, and fires many homing blasts of blue light in succession that prove pretty tricky to dodge, so beware.

Appearances in Square Enix medleys

The Mana Beast in Final Fantasy Brave Exvius.

The Mana Beast makes a cameo in three spin-off games, gathering characters from many games to fight iconic monsters. It is always the final enemy faced in a boss rush from its origin game, and fights in the same way.

In Final Fantasy Brave Exvius, the Mana Beast is faced during the Mana Mystery mode. It is very powerful and resists all status effects, but will not last long against a sufficiently levelled team. Oddly enough for a divine being, it resists Dark but is weak to Light.

The Mana Beast reflects back every spell with Counter Magic (Wall) and casts Saintly Beam (Lucent Beam). Its most dangerous attacks, Charge and Fire Breath, deal heavy damage to the entire party, with the former causing paralysis.

In Final Fantasy Record Keeper, it is fought during the Mana's Quests. It starts the battle at the bottom of the screen where physical attacks cannot reach it, and unleashes its very dangerous whirling fire blast before striking all characters in a forward charge. At close range, it casts Counter Magic to reflect back spells and Lucent Beam, here a devastating spell that can take down one character. It can also charge at one character and fly back to the bottom of the screen.

It is considerably more resilient and challenging than in Brave Exvius, so the heroes must heal often and unleash their best attacks.

The Mana Beast in Last Cloudia

Finally, in Last Cloudia, it is fought during the Secret of Mana Event. It is considerably powerful and resilient, and his life-bar is displayed.

It starts at the bottom of the screen hurling its signature whirling fire blast, casts Wall against attack spells, and can blast all characters with fire even at close range, but it can be destroyed with little trouble by spamming powerful attacks.


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