Management is the overall secondary antagonist in the popular USA series Burn Notice. He is the co-founder and leader of the shady organization that burned Michael Westen. Management engineered Michael's blacklisting due to his unrivaled talents as a spy and recruit him into his organization and sent Carla Baxter to be Michael's wrangler to recruit him.

He was portrayed by the late John Mahoney.


Management co-founded the shady agency that burned Michael Westen, seeing his skills and talents a spy a potential asset for them. He had figured it would be easier to recruit him than they realize and start to realize this. Management is revealed to have engineered events in Michael's life alongside Anson Fullerton

Michael first meets an old man, "Management" aborad a a helicopter after a shoot-out in the second season finale, the first powerful member of the organization. After explaning things to him, including Carla and Victor, Michael jumps into the ocean, not wanting anything to do with him or his syndicate.

It remains unclear where he was one of the Organization members killed or captured during the season five opener.


Management was a overtly serious and thoughtful old man who longed to Michael no matter what. He insisted to Michael he was protecting Michael by issuing his black list, saying know he was always under their protection and enemies from his spy days. This implies he is somewhat of a control freak.