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The Manager of Princess Imperial is an antagonist in the 2015 psychological horror manga Happy Sugar Life, and its 2018 anime adaptation of the same name.


Not much is known about the manager other than the idea that she firmly believes that her employees should love only her. In truth, the manager of Princess Imperial is actually a severely disgusting ephebophile who takes advantage of her adolescent employees.

When Satou decides to find a better paying job in order to support her and her young "lover," Satou is confronted by a young man named Taiyou Mitsuboshi who asks her out on a date. When Satou turns his offer down, Mitsuboshi suddenly disappears the next day. Whilst working at the Princess Imperial, Satou's co-employees began to sabotage Satou's working, thus making her work for the manager extended hours. Eventually when it came time for the employees to collect their checks, Satou notices that her check came short despite her extended time. As such, Satou confronts the manager on it.

Alone with the manager, the manager reveals that she was allowing the employees to double Satou's work as punishment. It is also revealed that the manager had kidnapped Mitsuboshi and was keeping him prisoner in her cabinet. After she learned of Mitsuboshi asking Satou out on a date, she became infuriated that he wasn't directing his "love" towards her and because of that, she kidnapped him, molesting him as a means of making him love her instead. Unfortunately for her, Satou films her confession on her phone, and threatens to destroy the manager's livelihood lest she give her proper payment for her hours. Fearing the consequences, the manager obliges, and also frees Mitsuboshi.

Even though he was freed from his hostage situation, Mitsuboshi developed PTSD from his traumatic experience, having suffered a minor breakdown when his new manager lightly taps him on the shoulder. Because of the manager, Mitsuboshi also develops an obsession with Shio, believing that her pureness is the only thing that could cleanse his soul.


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