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Mandalore the Indomitable was the warlord of the Mandolore Crusaders and an antagonist in the Star Wars series.


Mandalore was a Taung who rose through the ranks of the Crusaders and became known for his war strategies. Heled a campaign to conquer Empress Teta and the organization Krath. Upon arriving on the planet. he confronts their leader a Sith Lord named Ulic Qel-Droma. Qel-Droma defeats Mandalore who later swears an oath of loyalty to the Sith Lord for sparing his life and pledges his forces to serve Ulic Qel-Droma.

He and his Mandalorian Crusaders helped Ulic attack Foerost to get the command codes for three warships from the Republic forces. Mandalore wins the battle by using his skills in leadership and charisma. The remaining soldiers surrended and gave Mandalore the codes after seeing him executing one of the captives.

Qel-Droma recruited Mandalore and his forces to invade Coruscant. Aleema Keto betrays Qel-Droma and allows him to be captured. Mandalore notices this and reports to Ulic's master Exar Kun to go to Coruscant and rescue his apprentice. Ulic thanked Mandalore for rescuing him and orders him to invade Onderon. Mandalore takes his forces to invade but were forced to retreat to Dxun from the Beast Riders where a native beast kills him.


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