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Mandarin was the first of the Super Robot Monkeys created. By far, the wisest, smartest and strongest. He, was our leader.
~ Antauri about Mandarin.

Mandarin is the secondary antagonist of Super Robot Monkey Team Hyperforce Go!, and the former leader of the Hyperforce.

He was voiced by James Hong, who also voiced Professor Chang in Teen Titans, and Zong-Shi in Trollhunters: Rise of the Titans.



He was the first monkey built by the Alchemist and the original leader of the Monkey Team until he became evil and betrayed the rest of the Hyperforce then he was imprisoned in the HOOP (Hostile Outlaw Observation Prison) and replaced by Chiro. He tried to become Chiro's mentor, seeing Chiro as a child that should be raised by him. After a battle with the Hyperforce, Mandarin escaped and hid in a cave where the Skeleton King found him and offered power that he could not refuse.

In the episode "Hidden Fortress", it's shown that Mandarin has become some kind of large, muscular Hulk-like brute and was working for the Skeleton King. At the end of the episode "Versus Chiro", Mandarin gets replaced by... another Mandarin.

This Mandarin is commonly believed to be a formless clone of Mandarin, dubbed Skelemandarin. These two characters are fundamentally different, but share a need for vengeance against the monkey team.

During the release of the Dark One Worm, Skelemandarin had his arm severed by Chiro and was thrown into the pit of Doom. He was eaten by The Worm. Miraculously, he survives the entirety of season 3 with no food or water, alone, fighting off terrible creatures the entire time, with one arm. Somehow, he either builds or regrows a replacement for his lost limb in the form of a bony claw.

He is directly responsible for unleashing the Dark Ones on Shuggazoom City and turning his creator into the Skeleton King in the first place, but was too young and notably, not sentient enough to think about the consequences of his actions.


He was fired by the Skeleton King and dragged unceremoniously away by two red formless. His current whereabouts are unknown but there’s a possibility that he could be in one of Skeleton King’s dungeons. According to a recent interview with Ciro Nieli, he's alive. Since the season two episode "Versus Chiro", he has not appeared besides flashbacks. In the final episode of the show, Mandarin's Clone is alive, clawless, but serving at the newly resurrected Skeleton king's Side. Or rather, on his shoulder.


Not much is known about Mandarin from the monkey team and most of them seem to not like to talk about him but Antauri will if he has to.

Antauri described Mandarin as the smartest, strongest, and the wisest of the robot monkeys, once having a good heart. Mandarin is fascinated by strange, dark, and powerful things, and is led astray by his darker tendencies and selfish needs. The former leader overall has a mysterious, complex, and abnormal personality, being prone to making many promises that he struggles to keep. Even back when he was a young robot monkey and an infant he was unpredictable, authoritative and serious. He seems to have a lack of understanding when it comes to most things, leading to the theory that he barely loved his comrades at all and treated them like soldiers instead of a family. His aggressiveness leads to violence and he has an unhealthy desire for battle in certain episodes.

His growing ambitious side probably overpowered his remaining goodness quite until he became unstable, bitter, murderous, greedy, arrogant, unforgiving, impulsive and hostile. This is revealed when he betrayed the team. He’s very dangerous and obsessive because he screams when things don’t go his way, cannot control his anger and has a fascination with Chiro. In "Secret of the Sixth Monkey" he has a clear obsession of wanting to rule Shuggazoom. He appears to care about battle and power more than anything else.

In the flashback in "Snowbound" he is presented as foolish, cruel, seemingly with little or no conscience. One of his notable weaknesses is that he is tempted easily and quickly led astray, especially by Skeleton King. He’s also not as intelligent as he thinks he is because this is proven in "Secret of the Sixth Monkey", "Hidden Fortress" and "Versus Chiro".

In later episodes he is less of a threat but his clone is very evil and threatening compared to him.

The original Mandarin appears to be greatly unforgiving of the Hyperforce at the time of the betrayal and during the many years after that. Chiro described him as being obsessed with learning, saying- "It’s all just learn, learn, learn with him". He is sometimes shown to panic. This is shown in "Versus Chiro" when he speaks quickly and stammers. He often tries to escape from his problems, as seen in "Secret of the Sixth Monkey" when he jumps into his escape pod. Mandarin appears to believe that things will go his way all the time because of his power and intimidation but often things don’t go his way and this makes him enraged and shocked.

When he was good he seemed to have been very respected by the Hyperforce, especially Otto and Antauri.


  • There are often animation errors with Mandarin’s eye color and teeth. There are three different colour combinations for his eye color. In a flashback his teeth aren’t sharp.
  • In the episode ‘In the Grip of Evil’ Mandarin is shown floating in his test tube. Shortly after he appears behind the Alchemist. This is possibly an animation error.
  • Not much is known about Mandarin’s personality and the relationships with his teammates before he turned evil. He seems to have lacked the Alchemist’s warmth and love, unlike Chiro.
  • It's unknown what his original fear was.
  • He displayed the least amount of attacks compared to the other robot monkeys, with them only being monkey mind scream and monkey slash claw.
  • It's never revealed what happened to Mandarin. He's replaced with a clone then taken away into the shadows by two red formless and was never seen again.
  • It’s hinted that he may have schemed with Skeleton King multiple times in the past and not just once.
  • Though it is stated he is the smartest, strongest and wisest of the monkeys, he is barely displayed with most of these qualities. He becomes less intelligent throughout the duration of the show.


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