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Time to break some bones Dogman
~ Mander

Mander is one of Lord Palethorn 's henchmen along with Dogman in the video game Medievil 2.

Loyal to Palethorn out of fear rather than duty, he is exploited and bullied into doing Palethorn's bidding. As a side affect of the spell cast by Palethorn, he's mutated to a creature that reveals his primal nature: he became more reptilian developing scales, a tail and a sibiliant hissing voice. 

Unlike Dogman, Mander is intelligent, but he is cowardly and reluctant to do Palethorn's bidding. 

Searching for the pages of Zarok's spellbook

Mander first appears with Dogman as Sir Daniel Fortesque is heading towards the museum, apparently the two of them have been heisting artifacts for Lord Palethorn but were unable to enter a tomb (which turns out to be the resting place for an Egyptain mummy named Kiya). When Lord Palethorn takes over Greenwich Observatory, Mander is seen manning a machine known as the Great Scope which would reveal the locations of the lost pages of Zarok 's spell book. Daniel Fortesque crash lands into the observatory destroying the Great Scope, but not before the scope revealed the location of a spellbook page, alledgedly in Kew Gardens. Daniel overcomes both Mander and Dogman as he evades them. Palethorn is furious with his henchmen for not defeating Daniel.

After Daniel Fortesque defeats a monster named the Iron Slugger , Lord Palethorn, Dogman and Mander arrive at Wulfram Hall to make contact with an ally of theirs, later revealed to be The Count. Palethorn discovers that the final pages of the spellbook are somewhere in Cathedral Spires, but Daniel gets the final page first. Lord Palethorn uses his magic to snatch the page away and orders his henchmen to kill Daniel while he decyphers the spell page, only for the two henchmen to die instead. Mander is the second to die.

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