I already told you I don't pick up ogre's, also green so not your colour.
~ Mandi Weatherly
Jo Mitchell you have no idea how scary I can be.
~ Mandi Weatherly.

Amanda "Mandi" Weatherly is the main antagonist from the 2011 film Mean Girls 2. She is the leader of the Plastics at Northshore High School and the archenemy of Jo Mitchell.

She was portrayed by Maiara Walsh who also portrayed Vicky Patterson in Identity Theft of a Cheerleader.


At a young age, Mandi was friends with character Abby. Hanover, however she soon got jealous of her as she got better things than her. She comes from a rich family, who live in quite a big mansion, ironically, Abby's family live in their bigger mansion just next door. She's your typical High School drama queen, caring more about fashion, money or what's "in". She wants to be "number one" and will not settle for any less. 

When new girl and protagonist, Jo Mitchell, attends her school, she sets out to befriend her. However Jo does not want to get caught up in all her drama. Jo notices Mandi's enemy, Abby, alone and with no friends and goes out to try and befriend Abby. When Mandi notices this, she is outraged and tries to ruin Jo's life, like going to Jo's house and ruining her dads custom car.

She goes as far as stealing the homecoming money with her boyfriend, Nick Zimmer, and set up Jo by planting the money in Jo's garage. However, both her and Nick are caught out when Elliot, a computer hacker, hacks Jo's neighbours security system and sends the video of Mandi and Nick making out in Nicks car with the money next to them, and of her planting the money in Jo's garage. They are both arrested at the film's climax.

While having their reputations in school ruined, Mandy and Nick were sentenced to community service. Though they were able to graduate due to their parents donating a new library to the school.

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