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Mandy is a one-time villain from the FOX animated sitcom The Cleveland Show, only appearing in the episode "Da Doggone Daddy Daughter Dinner Dance". She is a student at Stoolbend High School, who took advantage of Junior's new student innocence, so she could make him her bitch.

She is voiced by Kristen Bell.


In "Da Doggone Daddy Daughter Dinner Dance", Mandy helped Junior up, after he was tripped by a bully. She introduced herself, as Mandy and acted like a friend of his. Junior introduced himself, saying that most people around there called him "Beth". Mandy then suddenly changed from nice to evil in a split second, ferociously grabbed Junior by the shirt, and violently slammed him up against the lockers. She threatened Junior, (addressing him as "Beth"), that if he crosser her, she will beat him like a three legged mule. Junior inquired how he would be able to know when he is crossing her and she explained that she will give him a warning, which she demonstrated as being multiple slaps across the face. Mandy then let Junior free, and he ran for his life and took cover in the Boy's bathroom.

The day after that, Reggie reminded Junior of what happened, having heard the rumor. He then offered to kick her ass to get revenge on her for him, but Junior declined. Then Reggie suggested that he dates her for eight months, until she falls in love with him, just so he can dump her and break her heart. Junior said this would be acceptable, just as long as he doesn't get her pregnant.

In "Ladies' Night", she made a background cameo in the audience behind Junior and Ernie, when Principal Farquhare first made his announcement about the nominees for the student body president.

In "Buried Pleasure", she made another background cameo at Stoolfest, looking at the carousel in the background, while the Brown-Tubbs Family laughed at the existence of a Farmer's Expo.


Mandy is a short, rather homely Caucasian female teenager. She has black hair in a ponytail, held that way with a white ponytail holder. She has glasses and three freckles on each cheek. She has an orange dress with yellow seams and golden pearl earrings.


Mandy is two-faced, violent, brutal and unprovoked when it comes to bullying. She may act like the dom, when attacking people, but it is likely that her hateful ways are born of herself getting bullied and rejected, due to her weight and physical appearance.


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