The Mane Six are the main antagonistic faction of the My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic comic storyline "Ponies of Dark Water". They are the dark alter-egos of the normal Mane Six who appear as a result of them being corrupted by spring water tainted with magic.

Appearance and Personality

The Mane Six appear just like they always do, except they all have red eyes and wear clothes. Twilight wears a dark purple scarf, Applejack wears a green tie with a white collar and has her hair a little neater, Fluttershy has flowers and vines on her body, Pinkie Pie wears a purple and pink clown costume and clown make up, Rainbow just wears goggles, and Rarity wears a purple coat and metal mask. Their personalities are polar opposite to their nice ones. However, they instead have their positive virtues into the most negative vices possible.


Pinkie Pie

Pinkie Pie had her comedic nature twisted. She first appeared in Sugarcube Corner getting ready to show how bad she can be. She lured ponies into the Ponyville Theater by using exploding presents. Once inside, the ponies were glued to their seats and Pinkie locked the doors. They were forced to watch Pinkie Pie's comedy routines until Rarity and Luna come crashing through the wall. She then uses her Party Cannon, which she turned into a real cannon, to destroy the theater even more. After that, Pinkie threw water balloons filled with the dark water at ponies making them evil. After Princess Luna turns back into Nightmare Moon from the water, Pinkie is glad and annoys her. When she is hit by one of Nightmare's magic beams, Zecora cures her with the antidote.


Applejack had her love of apples twisted. She became an extreme business pony who only cares about apples. She built a wall around Sweet Apple Acres and forces her sister, Apple Bloom, to work. She even tried to get rid of the CMC's clubhouse. She is finally beaten when Apple Bloom cuts a telephone wire, preventing her from doing a hostile takeover of Appleloosa, and lures her into water balloons filled with the antidote.

Rainbow Dash

Rainbow Dash had her love of speed and showing off twisted. All she did was constantly fly around Ponyville resulting in many sonic rainbooms, not caring about how much destruction they cause in the process. Scootaloo manages to cure her by tricking Rainbow into ramming into a target.


Fluttershy had her love of animals twisted. She resided in the Everfree Forest and attacks intruders or anyone who hurts her animals friends, who apparently got corrupted as well. She tries to get the CMC but they make it to Zecora's and escape with a smoke bomb. Later, she witness the chaos happening in Ponyville and prepares to have a war using her animals. But Rainbow Dash, who was just cured, was able to make it rain down the cure and have Fluttershy back to normal.


Rarity had her desire to be beautiful twisted. She proclaims herself as the most beautiful pony in Equestria and covers her imperfections with a mask. She also sees herself as leader of Ponyville because of her beauty. She destroys stores of fashion so she can rebuild them in her own image. She gets into a fight with Princess Luna and later goes off to fight Twilight. Luna, disguised as Nightmare Moon, manages to cure Rarity by having her drink the cure.

Twilight Sparkle

Twilight had her desire for knowledge twisted. After finding out that books aren't enough anymore, she decides to get more knowledge by stealing it from other ponies. She creates a device that will transfer all the brain power the pony has into Twilight's brain, making the victim dumber in the process. After she's done she declares herself as empress of Ponyville. That makes Rarity furious and she soon goes to fight Twilight. After Nightmare calls a truce, Twilight sees right through her act. She reveals that due to absorbing so much brain power, she was able to anticipate that Nightmare Moon was already cured by the rain. She also reveals that she knew the entire plan and everything, even the fact that she turned evil, but still wants it. Before she can takes over Equestria, she fails to be funny like Pinkie Pie and falls for the old bucket over the door trick that cures her, because who could anticipate her antics.


When all of the Mane six are cured, Twilight uses the reverse switch on the device she made to return all the brain power she took, then they help fix Ponyville. It turns out they all knew exactly what they were doing, but the dark water made it so they couldn't help nor control themselves. After Zecora cleans the spring of dark water (which is revealed to have been contaminated from ponies casting spells), Princess Luna comments that if the Mane Six still had their friendship with each other and worked together when the were corrupted, they would've been unstoppable.


  • The corrupted Mane Six are based off of villains from other media.
    • Applejack's greed and tie are reminiscent to Gordon Gekko.
    • Rarity wearing a cloak and an iron mask so that her face may not be seen while it bears any imperfections is similar to Marvel Comics villain Doctor Doom.
    • Pinkie Pie wears clown makeup and adopts an evil laugh like the DC Comics villain Joker.
    • Fluttershy's appearance and behavior in the issue are reminiscent of the DC Comics villainess Poison Ivy.
    • Rainbow Dash with goggles made her similar to Quicksilver.
  • Although it is only mentioned, this is the third time the MLP IDW comics had a team of villains. The first two were the one's Mane-iac and Radiant Hope got together.
  • This is the first evil version of the Mane 6, the second is the Mean Six created by Queen Chrysalis.
  • The symptoms the Mane Six shown while infected with by the Dark Water are similar to Trixie when she was wearing the Alicorn Amulet:
    • They all had red eyes.
    • Their usual abilities were enhanced.
    • They all became dangerously insane.


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