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(Lara Croft: How do I know, once I gave you that piece, that you wouldn't then just try to kill me?) Manfred Powell: Would it make it easy for you - on more familiar ground - if I killed you now?
~ Manfred Powell faces off with Lara Croft

Manfred Powell is the main antagonist in the 2001 film Lara Croft: Tomb Raider.

He is portrayed by Iain Glen, who also portrays Dr. Alexander Isaacs and Ralph D'Amico.


Powell is a member of the Illuminati (the self-proclaimed "People of the Light") who goes in search of the two lost halves of the Triangle of Light, a legendary artifact that grants its wielder power over time and space. However, the halves must be rejoined before the final phase of the planetary alignment, which happens only once every five thousand years. Though Powell is at first unsure of their whereabouts, he soon learns the location of one of the pieces after meeting with adventurer and archaeologist Lara Croft, who shows him a mysterious clock she had found with a special device concealed within. Powell takes the clock and travels to an ancient temple in Cambodia to find the first half of the Triangle, along with Lara's friend Alex West who also wants to find the Triangle simply for profit. Lara finds the piece first and after fighting off a vast number of stone statues guarding the temple, she escapes down a waterfall. Later, Lara contacts Powell, and they agree to help each other find the second half of the Triangle, since they both have something the other needs to complete it.

Powell and his men travel with Lara to Siberia, eventually reaching the ruins of the ancient city where the Triangle of Light was once worshiped. Lara manages to retrieve the second half of the Triangle but when Powell puts them together, he finds that they don't fuse. Realizing that Lara knows the secret to completing the Triangle, Powell forces her to do so by killing West with a knife. Knowing that the Triangle can save West and also her father, Lara completes it and she and Powell both try to take control of it. Lara reaches it first and is confronted by her father in an alternate reality, who persuades her to destroy the Triangle rather than using it to save his life.

Lara Croft and Manfred Powell square off with each other

Lara returns to the ruins to find that time is slowly running backward, and she grabs the knife that Powell had thrown at West and reverses it before destroying the Triangle. Time is instantly returned to normal and the knife hits Powell in the shoulder, knocking him down while everyone else flees from the self-destructing chamber. As Lara is about to leave, Powell calls out to Lara and tells her that he was responsible for the death of her father, having shot him after he tried to leave the Illuminati. Powell and Lara then engage in a fistfight.

Powell blocks Lara's attack

Using his quickness and mastery of the martial arts, Powell takes control of the fight early on, surprising Lara with his agility. The feisty Lara Croft fights back, but Powell is faster and a more refined and controlled fighter, easily blocking most of Lara's attacks.

Powell stands over a beaten down Lara Croft

Frustrated, Lara lunges at Powell with a push kick, which he easily bats down before striking Lara with a vicious backhand. Giving Lara no space to recover, Powell jumps in the air and lands a spinning kick to the gut. As Lara doubles over winded, Powell lunges forward and connects with a crushing elbow to Lara's back, knocking her to all fours. Powell swiftly kicks Lara in the ribs, sending her rolling and nearly knocking her out.

Lara Croft lies injured after enduring a barrage of attacks from Powell

However after he picked up his knife, Lara got back up and landed the heavy blows as she finished Powell off with a strike to the throat which seemingly snaps his neck, killing him.


Like the cult he is part of, Manfred Powell is power-hungry and wants to achieve godhood level by being able to control space and time. But unlike the others members, Powell is selfish and does not care about anyone except himself. His treacherous nature is revealed when he coldly orders his men to shoot the cult leader and takes his place as the new leader. He also uses one of his men as his shield during the statues' attacks, demonstrating how his men are expendable to him.

Despite all of this, Powell is shown to have a honorable side to himself, proposing two times Lara Croft to join him in his project. When she feigns to refuse the first time, instead of killing her with his dag in the back, he throws it on the blank on the other side of the hall. He is sophisticated, being cultived and liking to have oriental massages.


Powell strikes Lara with a vicious blow

Powell was able to keep his true agenda hidden from the head of the Illuminati. Powell was resourceful and able to form an alliance with Lara Croft to find the triangle.

Powell was highly skilled in Chinese martial arts. He was able to severely beat down Lara Croft during their fight, injuring and nearly killing her.



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