The Manics Or Manics the main villains in their separate stages alone They are the corrupted versions of their counter parts the crazed cats who are the counterparts to the normal cats. They are heavily buffed compared to their counterparts. They Are The Dark Versions of the normal cats.

Corrupted Abilities

The Mohawk Cat is The Lowest Of The Bunch while small but he's extremely dangerous having an insane amount of health and damage But can easily be killed by a good team

The Eraser Cat has a truck load of health and damage and defense can't be easily killed as the mowhak cat. The Manic Dark Cat a Strong Demon welding a purple black sword with insane damage and is able to freeze your cats plus a nonstop attack making him a threat to any of your cats.

The Manic Machocat a very dangerous enemy being able to do a shockwave with medium damage they can be easy to kill but don't let these evil creations lock you at your base or else they will win. The Manic Lion Cat A Very fast enemy not dangerous alone but once you hit their base they will come out by groups making them a threat. The Manic Flying Cat is a force not to be wreck'en with his very high attack and range he is a very high threat to any of your cats that you throw at it.

The Manic Island Cat like the manic lion cat they share the similar strat but instead of coming one by one they come out in groups being able to cirt your cats with doubble the damage making the island cat a feared enemy. The King Dragon Cat They have decent dps but what makes them a force of chaos is there range they cant hit your cats form a mile away. Now on to the lord of the manics the Manic Jamiera Cat This beast is a very dangerous enemy with his very powerful shockwaves he can be a pain to deal with plus with his health and attack he can be a real pain.