I'm onwy thwee!
~ Manny using his young age as an excuse for ruining Greg's videogame.

Manuel "Manny" Heffley (born February 7, 2004) is Greg Heffley's younger brother in the Diary of a Wimpy Kid book and film series. He is the obvious parental favorite of the family, with his mother blatantly and relentlessly spoiling him and letting him get away with everything.


Manny is initially portrayed simply as a spoiled child, always getting what he wants and asking his parents for ridiculous requests and throwing temper tantrums when he doesn't get his way, as shown when he has his sandwich cut in halves instead of quarters. He is never punished for his bad behavior and tantrums, despite common sense indicating that he should be, which could be on the parents.

His parents would give him privileges that neither his older brothers, Greg and Rodrick, received at Manny's age, such as he was allowed to bring toys into church. He has also shown an inability to stay at one preschool.

The book series shows the extent of Manny's selfishness, it is shown that he knows (or more likely guessed) Greg's computer password to get access, then spent all of Greg's points and coins in the game and then changed the password to make it impossible for Greg to access his game. He later does the same to the family's TV set by figuring out and changing its parental control, only allowing his favorite shows (all of them age-appropriate cartoons and educational shows like Sesame Street) to air on their TV while locking out access to all other shows.

In Cabin Fever, on Christmas Eve, once Manny hears of a coming blizzard and decided it was every man for himself, he stole much of the family's food and conveniences and shuts down all the power in the house except for his room so he can remain pampered, leading the others into thinking the storm blew the power out. While Greg's father Frank was staying at a hotel because of the blizzard, Greg, Rodrick, and their mother were freezing in their house. However, due to a visit Greg's friend Rowley, Greg finds out that none of the power was blown out from the blizzard. Greg checks the power circuit and finds out about Manny's plan. Greg and his mother confront Manny, who makes up the excuse that he did it because no one taught him to tie his shoes. The next day, Mrs. Heffley teaches Manny, but as usual, she does not punish him.

In The Third Wheel, it was explained he is scared of kids his age and has imaginary friends other then any real one. He also shows more of his selfish side when he locks himself inside a dog exercise pen with all toys present to keep any other kids his age from playing with the toys.

In The Long Haul the Heffleys accidentally lock their keys in the car. However, as complications has lead to them having a permanently open sunroof, the decide to lower Manny into the car to get them the keys. But when they lower Manny into the car, instead of unlocking the doors for everyone, he drives to drive off and leave the family stranded in a parking lot. He does not succeed, as he crashes into a bunch of shopping trolleys. He then finally unlocks the doors, and faces no repercussions.

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