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Manolo "Manny" Ribera, also known as Manny Ray is the deuteragonist of the 1983 epic crime drama film Scarface. He is the best friend that Tony Montana has, helping him in his rise in the criminal world. Soon, he falls in love with Tony's sister, Gina.

He was portrayed by Steven Bauer, who has also portrayed Don Eladio in both Breaking Bad and Better Call Saul.


Although Manny's past is unknown, it is known that he had known Tony Montana for a long time, where they shared a prison and were in the Cuban army.

He and Tony would emigrate from Cuba to the United States to escape the dictatorship of Fidel Castro. They would settle in Freedom Town, a detention camp, for a month, until he met Omar Suarez, and informed him about a job, which if done right, would earn enough money to get out. of the detention camp: assassinate Emilio Rebenga, who had assassinated the brother of Omar's boss, Frank Lopez. Manny reports this to Tony, who accepts the job and the two manage to assassinate Emilio, managing to escape the field. However, life in Miami would not be an instant success, since the two would start working at a Cuban food stand.

Soon, Manny was reunited with Omar, and he would introduce him to Tony. Omar informs them about another job: stealing 25 tons of marijuana from a boat, with a reward of $500. Although Manny agrees, Tony refuses to do this for 500 and demands that the reward be 1000. The two begin to argue, until Omar gives up and informs them about another job: Buying 2 kilos of cocaine brought from some Colombians. If they do the job right, Omar will give the two of them $5000, but he threatens to kill them if the purchase money is lost. Omar leaves, and Tony and Manny bring in two other people to guard the deal, Angel and Chi-Chi.

The four arrive at the place of the deal. While Tony and Angel go to the apartment where Hector the Toad is, the cocaine possessor, Manny and Chi-Chi stay in the car, while Manny flirts with some women. Soon, Manny and Chi-Chi get out of the car and into the apartment, where they murder Marta and save Tony from being cut down by Hector's chainsaw (although Angel ended up being brutally murdered). However, one of Hector's men shoots him and Hector tries to escape, but Tony kills them both and Tony, Manny and Chi-Chi take the cocaine.

Soon, Tony and Manny deliver the two kilos of cocaine to Frank Lopez, Omar's boss, and both Tony and Manny start doing business with Frank and his mob. When Tony and Manny leave the party, Manny asks Tony what he is looking for, to which Tony replies: "the world, Chico".

Three months later, Manny met Tony's sister, Gina, mentioning that she is very cute. Tony quickly gets mad at Manny and tells him not to flirt with her. Manny reluctantly agrees.

While Manny and Tony are at the Babylon club, Tony realizes that Gina, drunk, is flirting with another man. Tony obviously gets mad at this and heads to the men's room, where Gina and the man are flirting, and separates the two of them. Manny personally takes Gina away, where they both begin to chat about Tony, and then Gina suggests they go out with him. To add insult to injury, Frank's relationship with Tony is finally broken when Frank sends two of his men to kill Tony at the party, but Tony manages to survive.

Tony informs Manny about this, and Tony, Manny and Chi-Chi head over to where Frank was. Tony orders Manny to kill Frank, which he does without a hitch. Tony takes over Frank's business, and Manny aids him in his rise into the criminal world.

However, as time goes on, the relationship between the two begins to deteriorate, due to Tony's growing addiction to drugs (breaking the rule of "do not do your own drug"), and his limitless ambition. Manny disappears for a while, as does Gina. Tony heads to Manny's house, where he reunites with his friend and, to his surprise, Gina, who had married Manny yesterday and was about to surprise Tony. Tony goes into a blind rage and kills Manny with two shots, much to the shock of Gina and the others. Tony and his men take Gina to her house, despite her pleas. Tony walks into his room, reflecting on what he had done and regretting killing his best friend. Later Gina, Tony and their mafia would be assassinated by Alejandro Sosa's men.

Scarface: The World Is Yours

Manny does not appear in the game due to his death, however, Tony can buy his and Gina's ashes. Tony will often recall the moment where he killed Manny and admits that he "has f*cked up", showing massive amounts of regret.



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