Manpuku Aburame is the leader of the Kusare Gedoshu and the main antagonist of Samurai Sentai Shinkenger the Movie: The Fateful War.


Manpuku and his Kusare Gedoshu were was sealed away three centuries ago by Retsudou Shiba. However, he is revived by Dokoku along with his followers during the summer time.

Manpuku and his army then proceeded to wage war against Tokyo for three days. Though on the verge of victory, they had to retreat due to a lack of Sanzu water.

The next day, Manpuku and his army confront the Shinkengers once more. Though initially having an advantage, they are all destroyed when Shinken Red restores the power of the Secret Disk, allowing him power up into Hyper Shinken Red and defeat the Kusare with Kyoryumaru. Down, but not out, Manpuku enlarges and reveals his true form, but is destroyed by Kyoryu ShinkenOh.

A remnant of his Kusare Gedoushu attempt to take revenge for him in a later Shinkenger episode, but they too are defeated by the powers associated with the Kyoryu Origami.


  • Manpuku is modeled after Budai, Hotei, known in the west as the Fat Buddha, or Laughing Buddha by the Chinese.
  • Manpuku's name can be literally translated as "greasy eye, full stomach", aburame manpuku.

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  • General Gut - Manpuku's counterpart in Clash of the Red Rangers - The Movie .
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