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Mantis is the leader of the Bugs of New Genesis and a recurring antagonist in Young Justice. He is the former boss of Forager until Forager betrayed them and Mantis banished him from New Genesis.


Mantis looks like a green humanoid alien beetle, he wears green battle armor and a white underbelly.


Mantis is cold and sadistic as he tried to kill Forager when he saw him return to New Genesis after exiling him. He also is surprisingly smart seen as he remembered how to operate Lor-Zod's Time Sphere when they were attacked by Metron's bodyguard when they tried to steal the Phantom Zone Projector from his vault.

Mantis is a born leader and will not allow any of his kind to be hurt, seen as when he thought the New Gods betrayed them he planned to lead an invasion and kill all the New Gods until The Team convinced them not to.


Mantis was born on New Genesis and he is the Leader of an alien civilization called the Bugs. When The Team were called by Bear because he needed help on the planet, The Bugs were making a trade with a Fake Orion, when they thought they were being betrayed Mantis attempted to lead his army to kill all the New Gods. When Forager disagreed with them, Mantis saw this as a betrayal to his kind and banished Forager from the Planet, threatening to kill him if he dares to return.

Years later, when Lor-Zod came to Darkseid for help to free his parents from the Phantom Zone, Darkseid assigned him and Ma'alefa'ak to aid him and do what they are told.

Mantis aided Lor-Zod in stealing the Phantom Zone Projector from Metron's vault and was close to setting Lor-Zod's parents free but they were stopped by The Team and the New Gods.

Powers and Abilities

  • Super Strength: Mantis is a very strong fighter, able to fight off larger and stronger enemies.
  • Super Speed: Mantis can roll into a ball the same way hedgehogs do and roll very fast either to escape or to ram towards his enemies.
  • Invulnerability: because he has a thick armor and thick shell, he is impenetrable to any type of weapons.
  • Combat Prowess: Mantis is a strong and skilled hand to hand combatant, due to his skill he became the Leader of the Bugs.
  • Leadership: Mantis is a skilled leader and led his kind through many battles, he was however banished by his kind after they find out about his actions.
  • Authority: Mantis was the former Leader of the Bugs and had authority over them, but since his banishment he has lost this ability.


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