Mara in her most common shape in the manga Buddha.

Mara is a Devil-like figure found in some Buddhist myths and is comparable to Satan, especially the "Serpent" aspect - a great temptress Mara was an infamous demon who manifested to try and tempt Gautuma Buddha away from reaching Enlightenment.

Mara tried to seduce Buddha using the vision of a beautiful woman, although he failed in achieving this task he was seen as a trickster figure who would proceed to target humanity and try to distract them from their spiritual life via making the mundane alluring or the negative seem positive.

Mara was also the main antagonist in the Manga Buddha, created by Osamu Tezuka. In this version, Mara looks most of the time like a female with four arms with a snake-like abdomen. Sometimes, she's even in the complete shape of a snake. Mara was tortured during a battle with the god Brahman, and -because Brahman made Buddha- she tried to get destroy Buddha to get revenge. Mara, however, wasn't able to think humanly, so she set the criminal Ananda against Buddha. Ananda though, became a follower of Buddha, so Mara failed with her evil plans. Later, Mara tried to allure Ananda, but without success. Out of anger, Mara killed Ananda's girlfriend Lata implied.