You're quiet. We quiet girls should stick together.
~ Maras, to Devna

Maras was an Orion female introduced in the Star Trek: Enterprise episode Bound.

She was one of the Three Sisters, a group of Orion women who controlled the Orion Syndicate. Growing up she had a pheromone potential that surpassed both of her sisters D'Nesh and Navaar. Realizing that her sisters would see her as a liability if they knew how intelligence she was, she deliberately performed poorly in school, but scoured the books her mother had plus the information networks. She downplayed her intelligence, appearing to be a dim wit to her sisters and the public in general.

As such she was the true power behind the syndicate, all while appearing simple minded.

In 2153 Maras and her sisters attempted to take control of the United Earth vessel Enterprise after convincing Captain Archer to "rescue" them from their "master" Harrad-Sar. In reality, Sar was the slave of Maras and her sisters, who owned a large number of both male and female slaves. Their plot was foiled thanks to Commander Tucker being immune to their pheromones, and they were forced to make the long journey back to the Orion homeworld on impulse power.

After the United Federation of Planets was formed in 2161, Maras and her sisters saw the new nation as a threat to their interests as it brought law and order to the Alpha Quadrant. Maras and her sisters attempted to weaken or even destroy the Federation.

During this time Maras took the slave and intelligence agent Devna into her confidence, hoping that someday Devna could take the place of one of her sisters in the ruling triumvirate.

Due to her influence, D'Nesh and Navaar both backed the Saurian tyrant Maltuvis as he took over Sauria, hoping to have the Federation blamed for the takeover. They also attempted to sabotage the admission of Rigel into the Federation. When the debate over the non interference directive heated up in 2167, Maras and her sisters tried to encourage the Federation to become isolationist in their outlook, and to engineer another disaster on Sauria that the Federation would be blamed for.

When their efforts to cause another disaster on Sauria failed, Maras came to the realization that Devna had betrayed her, and plotted to have her killed.