Marbus is one of the Greater Fiends of Vigoor and a villain from Ninja Gaiden and Ninja Gaiden II Sigma.


After the creation of the Holy Vigoorian Empire, Marbus was tasked with protecting the Vigoorian Emperor (an avatar of Vigoor). When the Dark Dragon Blade was stolen so as to allow the Archfiend to regain his former greatness, Ryu Hayabusa went to Tairon, capital of the Vigoorian Empire. He eventually began fighting his way into the Underworld so as to reclaim the blade and as he progressed, Marbus sent all his forces against the Dragon Ninja, before finally challenging Ryu himself, only to be defeated. Later during the rise of the Archfiend Vazdah, the Greater Fiend returned, now missing one of his horns and took over Manhattan after the fall of Alexei. However Marbus' control of New York ended after the fiend slayer, Rachel, showed up and challenged him. He was defeated yet again and his other horn was cut off, but he arose in the Underworld to challenge Ryu Hayabusa after he set out to stop the return of Vazdah. However Marbus was defeated yet again and his body solidified, before crumbling to pieces.


Marbus possesses immense power due to being a Greater Fiend and his most dangerous power is his resurrection power, which he can use call forth slain Fiends from the Underworld. He can fly, send out energy blasts that generate pillars of energy, fly at his opponent with his wings around him to perform a charge attack, and launch slamming attacks from the air.


  • Marbus' design seems derived from the classic interpretation of a demon (likely Baphomet), a humanoid with goat legs, horns, and bat wings, much like a Gargoyle.
  • He is stated to rule over the Shadow Fiends tribe.


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