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Mistress, let me have him.
~ Marc Antony after emerging from Cleopatra's mouth.

Marc Antony is a minor antagonist in the videogame Dante's Inferno, where he acted as the boss of the Circle of Lust, along with his lover Cleopatra. He was former Roman politician that was sent to Hell.

He was voiced by Lewis MacLeod.


Marc Anthony summoned by Cleopatra.

After he committed suicide, Marc Antony was sent to the second Circle of Hell, Lust, along with his lover, Cleopatra, where he became a hulking Demon. After Dante managed to reach the top of the Carnal Tower and faced off against Cleopatra, the former Egyptian queen released Antony from within her, where he had been placed as part of a deal she had made with Lucifer.

He asked that she let him have Dante, to which she agreed. Marc Antony then began to fight the crusader, but despite his great strength and Cleopatra supporting him with her magic, Antony was defeated.

When he lay motionless on the ground, Cleopatra came over to mourn him, but she directed her attention to Dante shortly afterwards.

Powers and Abilities

Marc Antony possessed great strength and fought with a large sword that could be charged with flames, as well as a Roman shield. He was also able to send out a chain of swords that shot up from the ground, stomp on his foes with a fire charged foot, and slam the ground with his sword to send out a fiery shockwave.


  • Marc Antony was a supporter of Julius Ceasar and one of Rome's greatest generals. He later traveled to Egypt, where Cleopatra seduced him and led him to desert Rome and join Egypt in her war against Emperor Augustus.


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