Marc Shelley is the secondary antagonist in the 2014 Christian drama film God's Not Dead.

He was portrayed by Dean Cain, who ironically played the hero Superman in Lois & Clark: The New Adventures of Superman in the 1990's.


Marc is depicted as a rich businessman who was also very selfish, greedy, egotistical, and used people for his own benefit. He didn't even care much about his family, as he kept putting off seeing his mother who was suffering from dementia, despite his younger sister Mina Shelley begging him to. It's unknown why Marc became an Athiest like his sisters boyfriend Professor Radisson, as his mother and sister are both Christian and his mother is the nicest person he knows. 


God's Not Dead

At the start of the film, Marc was dating the much younger Internet news blogger Amy, an Athiest like him who was informed she had terminal cancer. During a dinner date, Amy informed Marc of her diagnosis, only for him to cruelly break up with her and reveal he was only using her (Amy would later go on to find Jesus and accept Him). During this time, Mina once again called Marc during one of his business meetings to see their mother, and he cruelly joked if she can answer a simple math question correctly he may consider it.

Marc eventually reluctantly visited Mrs. Shelley, only to taunt her on why he doesn't believe in God and has a perfect life, while she's believed her whole life and has dementia, all the while she doesn't know who he is or even what's going on around her. Eventually, to Marc's surprise, Mrs. Shelley speaks and says the Devil is responsible for Marc's success because he didn't want him turning to God, and explains that the Devil's sin is like a comfy jail cell which you can leave any time, until time runs out and the door slams shut. After this, she goes back to her demented state.

As Marc gets in his car at the end of the film, Mina texts him "God's not dead", which he scoffs and throws his phone to the back seat in defeat. It is unknown what happened to him after that, but it can be implied that he accepted Jesus as savior.

God's Not Dead 2

While Marc does not appear in God's Not Dead 2, businessman Richard Thawley in the film mentions an upcoming meeting with him that excites his wife.


Though he is the secondary antagonist, he doesn't go against Josh Wheaton, the main protagonist of the film. He is only an antagonist because of dumping Amy and telling his own mother on why he doesn't believe in God.

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