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The Marcano Crime Family serve as the primary antagonists of the 2016 videogame Mafia III, led by Don Sal Marcano.

They are a classic Italian Cosa Nostra Mafia and the ruling criminal organization of the city of New Bordeaux in the United States, controlling various rackets through the city, having the police department on their pockets and controlling every single district of the city.

Mafia III

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Associates & Enforcers

Dixie Mafia

  • Ritchie Doucet (Deceased)
  • Merle Jackson (Deceased)
  • Charlie Kincaid
  • Doug Marcheti (Deceased)

Black Mob

  • Sammy Robinson (Formerly, Deceased)
  • Ellis Robinson (Formerly, Deceased)
  • Lincoln Clay (Formerly)

Irish Mob

  • Thomas Burke (Formerly)
  • Danny Burke (Formerly, Deceased)
  • Nicki Burke (Formerly)

Southern Union

  • Remy Duvall (Deceased)
  • Chester Moreau (Deceased)
  • Mason Carter (Deceased)
  • Uncle Thaddeus
  • Uncle Jude
  • Uncle James
  • Uncle Bartholomew
  • Uncle Andrew

Grecco's enforcers

  • Andy Turetto
  • Roy Thibideaux
  • Roberto Albano (Deceased)
  • Stitch Gallo (Deceased)
  • Fabio Fulci (Deceased)

Barbieri's enforcers

  • Sonny Blue
  • Carl Bevers
  • Dean Barbaro (Deceased)

Conti's enforcers

  • Paul Simmons
  • Pete Santini

Pagani's enforcers

  • Jack Holland
  • Pops Holland

Derazio's enforcers

  • Jimmy Cavar
  • Frankie Bernard
  • Dominick
  • Geezer Cruzat (Deceased)

Lou's enforcers

  • Doc Gaston
  • Harry Robicheaux

Olivia's enforcers

  • Bobby Bastian

Tommy's enforcers

  • Johnny Peralta
  • Artie Higgins



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