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Marcantonio Colonna was a minor character in the Canal+ series Borgia.

Colonna was portrayed by the British actor Richard Southgate.

He was a rival of Rodrigo Borgia's sons Juan and Cesare, and was about the same age as them.

Marcantonio and the Borgia brothers had several confrontations in the past. These involved the two beating him and cutting off one of his fingers. Cesare later asks Marcantonio if it's still possible for him to pleasure himself with only four fingers.

The Pope - being somewhat unaware of the history between the two - sends Cesare off on a peace mission to the Colonna. Once at Marcantonio's castle he is stripped naked and put into a cell.

Marcantonio later provided Cesare with some clothes and invited him into the main dining hall for a meal. After proving that the food is not poisoned a starving Cesare began to devour the food. Marcantonio gave a short speech about how food was sensual and the body responded to different stiumli. He then said that he sometimes felt like he still had all his fingers before gesturing to his guards to force Cesare down on to the table. Marcantonio then proceeded to brutally rape Cesare.

Upon learning what Marcantonio had done many of his relatives were horrified and distanced themselves from him. Marcantonio was later captured and held at the Castle Sant'Angelo. Cesare Borgia made it a point to personally visit him and cut off Marcantonio's private parts in revenge for the rape, before leaving Marcantonio alone in agony.

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