March Hare (AMA)

March Hare in American McGee's Alice.

The March Hare is a villain in American McGee's Alice.

American McGee's Alice

In the first game he, along with the Dormouse, has fallen victim to the insane experimentation of the Mad Hatter. He can do little now but lament his predicament and offer Alice some paltry information on how she might be able to confront the Hatter. The March Hare reveals that the Mad Hatter has developed a keen sense of punctuality (much worse than the behavior of the White Rabbit) and that he will certainly not be late to check on his experiments at six o'clock. The March Hare has been heavily experimented on like the Dormouse; his torso and right arm have been replaced with automaton parts, his right leg in a similar state whilst half of his left leg is missing.

Alice: Madness Returns

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March Hare in Alice: Madness Returns.

In Alice: Madness Returns his appearance has changed drastically, he is now larger and has gears protruding out his back. He has a metal frame in his mouth keeping it open, the frame also has a monocle attached to it. He has bolts in his ears, and his whole left arm is replaced with a large blade, which resembles a Spade. In one scene, a poster of the March Hare is seen in the background which resembles the Uncle Sam Wants You poster with him pointing and has the words "All Aboard for Progress" at the bottom, implying that the Hare is the Hatter's most successful "creation." Rather than being a victim of the Hatter, he seems to be an accomplice, and appears to be the maddest out of the two.
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