No, it's too soon. I'm not ready
~ -Marco Barbarigo's last words.

Marco Barbarigo (1413-1486) is a villain from the videogame Assassin's Creed II. He was a member of the Templar Order, and the Doge of Venice in the last year of his life. He was assassinated by Ezio.

Marco is a supporting Antagonist in Sequence 8 and the main Antagonist of Sequence 9.

Belonging to a rich and very powerful family, Marco Barbarigo was used to getting his way. He was close friends with his bodyguard and attendant - Dante Moro. Marco orchestrated an attempt on Dante's life when he found himself lusting after Dante's wife, Carlotta. The attempt failed, but Dante's brain was heavily damaged, and he remained with the mind of a child.

Marco convinced Dante into annulling his marriage with Carlotta, and married her himself shortly after. Marco was involved in the plans to kill the Doge of Venice, and he was seen plotting about it with the other Templars.

When the Doge was killed by Carlo Grimaldi, Marco was positioned as the new Doge of Venice. He declared Ezio, who had already killed many Templars, ad an enemy of Venice. Marco took up his post and hid himself away within the Palazzo Ducale, he never came out, in fear of the assassin's.

Fortunately for the assassins, it is learned that Marco would host a private carnevale party in the city of Venice, and that he was to attend. Infiltrating the party, Ezio managed to kill Marco from afar, using his new weapon: an antique gun.