Whooo! It's an End of the World sock-hop, the Apocalypse Prom at Marco's Yard - you're on the guest list, Mikey and little Lukey's comin' too. He's got the best seat in the house - with a split lip 'neath that old engine an' he's SCREAMIN' for his mommy, but mommy's gone down Deadside way! She can't help him and neither can you!
~ Marco Cruz taunting Shadowman.
~ Marco Cruz right before fighting Shadowman.
Hey there, space cadet!
~ Marco during the fight with Shadowman.

Marco Roberto Cruz also known as Repo Man is a dangerous and energetic serial killer and serves as a supporting antagonist in the adventure-horror game Shadow Man.


He is an italian man with dark brown hair and light brown eyes, standing at 5'10 tall and weighs about 168 pounds. He is heavily tattooed on upper body, has scar on his left cheek and words LOVER BOY tattooed on knuckles of both hands. At the time of the confinement, he wears a white cap, blue hawaiian shirt and standard inmate orange pants. 


He is a nonchalant member of The Five who doesn't take the apocalypse seriously at all. Just like Victor Batrachian, the main goal of his murders was not to simply kill, but to have some actual personal gain from his victims. He seems to be very aware of Shadowman's whole adventure, knowing about the trials and his inhuman nature, calling Michael "space cadet" and "guest from beyond the stars". He talks quickly in an excited tone and dances during the fight, sounding more like FM host or a DJ. Marco is ignorant and oblivious, reminding Shadowman of his brother's death in an insulting manner that enrages him, which is the exact reaction Marco was hoping for, making him somewhat of a thrill-seeker. His battle tactics revolve around hiding behind boxes in the yard, waiting for Shadowman to come closer. He is also the only member of The Five who willingly gave himself to the authorities. 


The Repo Man

Marco was an imposter who killed couples in their own homes. He also worked in an auto shop and as a DJ during his time in the Gardelle County Jail Texas. 


Marco faced Shadow Man at Marco's Yard, where he apparently killed some police officers and stole their weapons. After a battle against Shadow Man, Marco obviously loses and is killed by Shadow Man.


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