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Tell my daughter...
~ Marcus's last words to Caitlyn.

Marcus is one of the two secondary antagonists (alongside Sevika) of Season 1 of the Riot Games/Netflix 2021 animated series Arcane, which is set in the League of Legends universe. He was a corrupt enforcer of Piltover, who served as the Sheriff of Piltover after Grayson's death. He routinely deals with the Zaunite crime lord Silco and continues to do so in spite of the danger he poses to Piltover and to Zaun.

He was voiced by Remy Hill.


Early Life

When he was young, Marcus joined the Enforcers of Piltover and work with Sheriff Grayson as her superior, during his days as an Enforcer he would develop a hot-blooded and aggressive attitude towards his job. Eventually, he would marry a woman and would have a together daughter named her Ren.

Hex Gem Incident

Marcus had always been overzealous in acting on his duties as an enforcer. He would always look down on Zaunites in general and aggressively went after them. When four children from the undercity caused an explosion in Jayce's workshop Marcus joined Sheriff Grayson in investigating. They went to see Vander, with whom Grayson who had a deal with to maintain the peace between their districts. Marcus did not care about the deal however and, when pressured by the Council, tried to look for the children on his own, more so when the crime lord Silco approached him with a deal.

Marcus went to The Last Drop and ordered his men to search the place. Grayson confronted him for this, and though she'd felt it was too late to stop their retaliation, they received the pneumatic tube capsule she'd given Vander when they had someone who would claim responsibility for the explosion. Vander's daughter Vi tried to turn herself in only for Vander to stop her and surrender himself in her place. Before they could return to the upper city, however, Silco had his beast kill Grayson. Silco told them that the terms of their deal have changed and threw him his money.

He would later kidnap Vi as Silco had expected, and was possibly ordered to kill her, but he instead threw her into Stillwater Hold without a trial or details of her crimes. Marcus had to bribe the warden on at least one occasion to ensure Vi's stay in the prison.

Piltover Bicentennial

Marcus kept up his dealings with Silco. He was also eventually promoted to Sheriff in their department, making him even more useful to Silco. With his position, Marcus and other enforcers managed to aid Silco's business by letting his shipments through the Hex Gates go through with no problems. He also interfered when other enforcers tried to investigate Silco's dealings and shut them down. Marcus also had deals with the merchants in the city, one that was secretly sanctioned by most members of the Council.

He was not without his doubts about his deal with Silco, particularly when Silco's daughter Jinx caused the deaths of his officers. Once, he visited Grayson's crypt and remembered Grayson's time as Sheriff and how good the woman had been. Nonetheless, Marcus toed the line of doing right by his men and having to work for Silco, now needing to find someone to answer for the explosion as Silco would be unwilling to give up his daughter. Silco told Marcus to pin the blame of the explosion on the Firelights. For a moment, Marcus considering blowing himself up along with Silco using Jinx's bomb but was ultimately unable to do so.

When Jayce Talis, very recently appointed a Counselor, ordered him to tighten security at the Hex Gates, Marcus tried to warn him and advised him to consult the Council first. True enough, Jayce would later need to take this back when he learned from Mel that the decision was poorly received. Jayce was not happy about this though and, in frustration and in hopes of getting ahead of further attacks from—as Marcus relayed—the Firelights, Jayce took his joking suggestion to form a blockade at the bridge and search everyone who would attempt to pass seriously.

When Caitlyn tried to cross the bridge back to Piltover with evidence against Silco, Marcus threatened to shoot her. He hesitated and was ultimately not given the chance to decide whether he would go through with it or not as Jinx's weaponized firelight bombs surrounded them and went off. Marcus survived long enough to try and pass on a message to her daughter through Caitlyn but succumbed to his injuries before he could finish his sentence. With this, the Council was finally made aware of his partnership with Silco, though Caitlyn tried to somewhat save his reputation by clarifying that he did it not primarily for what he would gain but for what he had to lose.


Initially, Marcus was a hot-blooded and aggressive person. He was very overzealous about his job. He always looked down people of Zaun and was fully capable of using extreme methods to make justice. However, his lack of experience at his job as enforcer and naivety made him someone easy to manipulate, such as when he, naively, made a deal with Silco that ended with his superior's death, something that Marcus always regretted.

After the timeskip in the story, Marcus became the sheriff of Piltover. He was no longer aggressive, being more serious, calmed and composed, although he still had some moments were he became angry and lost his cold attitude. He cared and loved his daughter more than anything else, even above his moral standards and his sense of duty. This was the main reason he continued working with Silco and did everything the latter asked him to do.

As the sheriff of Piltover, Marcus seeked for justice and to keep safe his city. He was respected by his subordinates and always maintained an image of an honorable and helpful man, although he was harsh with Caitlyn due to the latter being part of a wealthy family. Despite this, she always respected Marcus because of his position and thought he was a rightful man. Pointed out by Silco, he always saw himself as a martyr to maintain the balance between the top and underground city and, deep inside, he wanted to be the hero his daughter always thought he was. However, with the passage of time, Marcus's guilt and remorse for his actions started to consume and made him doubt if he was actually doing the right thing for Piltover or himself.

At the end, Marcus felt that he was drowning because of his morality and his only regret was to not be the hero he thought he was to his daughter and died without redeeming himself.


  • Welcome to the Playground: Appears
  • Some Mysteries Are Better Left Unsolved: Appears
  • The Base Violence Necessary for Change: Appears
  • Happy Progress Day: Appears
  • Everybody Wants to Be My Enemy: Appears
  • When These Walls Come Tumbling Down: Appears
  • The Boy Savior: Appears (death)
  • Oil and Water: Appears (corpse only)


  • Marcus is responsible for the separation between Vi and her sister Powder by kidnapping Vi without a trial or details of her crimes and bribing the warden on at least one occasion to ensure Vi's stay in the prison.
  • Marcus' last words to Caitlyn would have likely to have been to tell her daughter that he loves her.


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