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Goodbye Sam, I did say I was getting too old for this.
~ Marcus Christie bidding farewell to Sam Mitchell in a phone call that indirectly exposes his betrayal towards the Mitchell Family.

Marcus Christie is a fictional character and recurring anti-hero of the BBC British soap opera EastEnders. He is a supporting character from 1990 to 2003 before later becoming an anti-hero in 2004 and then reappearing as a supporting antagonist in 2015.

In his character arc, Marcus was a criminal attorney and family lawyer for the Mitchell Family; he specifically represented Phil Mitchell and Grant Mitchell whenever the duo often get into police trouble with their criminal and illicit activities. Later on, however, Marcus betrays the Mitchells when he gets blackmailed by their competitive rival Den Watts into conspiring with the latter's plan - to financially bankrupt the Mitchell Empire and reinstate Den as the owner of The Queen Victoria public house by conning the Mitchell Brothers' little sister, Sam, into selling all of her family assets that represents their dominance in Walford.

He was portrayed by Stephen Churchett.


Marcus Christie first came to Albert Square at Walford, a fictional borough from East London, in November 1990; he was a solicitor who legally represented the Mitchell Family whenever they need him to help get out of police trouble for whatever criminal or illicit activity they may have been involved in. Naturally, Marcus' legal expertise is successful when it comes to getting two of the family's criminal hardmen Phil Mitchell and his brother Grant Mitchell out of trouble.

In 1991, Marcus is summoned to help Grant when he gets wrongfully implicated as the prime suspect in the murder of Sharon's former boss Eddie Royle. This is successful when local villain, Nick Cotton, is revealed to be Eddie's killer.

In 1993, Marcus is summoned to help Grant once more when he gets arrested for assaulting his wife Sharon Watts and her best friend Michelle Fowler along with some police officers trying to detain his violent outburst. Grant serves a few months in prison before he is eventually released thanks to Marcus' legal expertise.

In 1998 and 1999, Marcus again helps Grant get out when he is arrested for pushing his wife Tiffany Raymond down the stairs. Grant didn't do it but many people, specifically his sworn enemy Beppe Di Marco, assume this to be true. As such, Marcus succeeds in helping Grant prove his innocence for the supposed crime.

In 2000, Marcus is requested by Phil to help fraudulently reclaim ownership of The Queen Victoria public house from his business partner-turned-nemesis Dan Sullivan. This is successful after Marcus helps Phil con Dan out of his co-ownership of the pub, to which is fully reinstated by the Mitchell Brothers' mother Peggy Mitchell.

In 2001, Marcus is requested by Phil to help him get Dan sent to prison for shooting him. Marcus agrees even though it was Phil's ex-girlfriend Lisa Shaw who shot him, but Phil framed Dan since the latter posed a threat to the former's top-dog status. Phil gets Marcus to prepare his godson Jamie Mitchell to testify against Dan. In the trial, Marcus cross examines Dan on the fact that the murder weapon used to shoot Phil was the same gun that Dan had been given by his mob boss Ritchie Stringer to supposedly target Phil for money extortion. Dan argues that Stringer was involved in the conspiracy that Phil had concocted in his plan to frame him for the shooting. In the end, Dan is found not guilty for the crime.

A few days later, Marcus is called by Phil to help and his archenemy Steve Owen in a situation that Dan has caused them - Dan has kidnapped Steve's wife Mel Healy, who had a one-night stand with Phil back on Christmas Day 2000, and is blackmailing the two rivals into a £200,000 ransom in exchange for Mel's release from his captivity. Phil orders Marcus to get Steve to sell his share of the pub before they succeed in paying Dan the ransom money and rescuing Mel, albeit Dan flees the country with the ransom money.

In 2002, Marcus is summoned by Phil when he gets arrested and charged for attacking Steve in January that year. But then Steve's plan to get Phil sent down for assault never happens when their escalating rivalry concludes in a high-speed car chase between them, which ends with Steve crashing the car and being killed in a subsequent vehicle explosion.

In 2003, Marcus is summoned by Phil when he and Sharon's adoptive half-brother Dennis Rickman are being questioned by DCI Jill Marsden and her police unit for the murder of the square's gangland kingpin Jack Dalton; earlier on Dalton ordered Phil to kill Dennis, but instead Dennis killed Dalton after Phil couldn't go through with it. Dalton's death also leads the police to investigate his criminal organization known as The Firm. In the end, though, Marcus helps Phil avoid police suspicion in Dalton's murder investigation.

Later on in the end of the year, Marcus is summoned by Phil after he gets arrested and charged for armed robbery. Phil later goes on the run by the police for his crimes, but not before he arranges for his sister Sam to help manage his businesses during his absence; thereafter Marcus would report directly to Sam whenever she needs him for any trouble.

In 2004, Marcus is invited to Sam's wedding to mobster Andy Hunter. A few days before Sam had Marcus prepare for Andy to be part of the family business, even though Andy is actually planning to fleece Sam for her family's welfare; this was soon discovered by Sam's cousin Billy and his friend Minty Peterson. They try to warn Peggy when she turns up for the wedding and insist that she get Marcus to contact Phil to relinquish Sam from managing all of his businesses in order to prevent Andy from seizing control of them. However, Peggy ends up turning them down and dismisses Marcus after Andy tricks her into believing that his marriage for Sam is purely for goodwill.

A few days later, Marcus is summoned by Sam when Andy attempts to trick her into selling the family's empire to him. But then Minty manages to foil this plan. Soon afterwards, Marcus is approached by Andy and his right-hand man Eddie when they demand to see him over business terms. Marcus then tells Andy that he knows his game before dismissing them.

Towards the end of the year, Marcus contacts Sam and claims that Phil is in trouble - he needs money to extract a getaway to escape police trouble from abroad. This causes Sam to sell all of her family businesses, including the café to Phil's estranged stepson Ian Beale, in order to provide enough finances to support Phil's supposed plans. She later goes to meet Phil at a train station, only to find out that he is not there and that Marcus had given her the wrong information. Sam later returns to find that all the money she supposedly had is gone, and calls Marcus about the situation. But when he answers, Marcus simply says goodbye to Sam before cutting her off.

It is later revealed that Marcus had in fact betrayed the Mitchells; he conspired with their competitive rival and Sharon's adopted father Den Watts into destroying the Mitchell Empire and their dominance of the square in order for Den to successfully reclaim ownership of the pub, since he was the original landlord prior to the Mitchell's arrival. As such, Marcus had been blackmailed by Den into getting involved with the conspiracy after Den had discovered Marcus' involvement in extortion. When they meet, Den gives Marcus the money for his involvement and their morbidly bid farewell before Marcus leaves the country and Den meets up with his wife Chrissie to celebrate their victory over the Mitchells. At the same time, Sam realizes that she has lost everything and tells Andy about this; Andy then reveals his true colors to Sam by kicking her out of their home, declaring their marriage to be a shame, and then leaving Sam temporarily homeless.

For the next few years, Marcus is not seen again in Walford. In 2005, Peggy - having learned about Marcus' betrayal - reappears with his sons to help exonerate Sam after she had been framed by Chrissie for Den's murder; as Chrissie had killed Den back in February 2005 for his affairs. During that year, Peggy plans to track down Marcus to confront him for his betrayal. She later visits the square's crime boss Johnny Allen, also her enemy, to request that he help track him down; Johnny seemingly agrees to help Peggy with her request, but it never came through in the end. By then, Phil has replaced Marcus with a new criminal attorney: Ritchie Scott.

Eventually, Marcus reappears in 2015 when he is hired by Phil and Ian's business rival Max Branning to get out out prison; Max had been wrongfully implicated by Phil for the murder of Ian's daughter Lucy, who had in fact been killed by her younger brother Bobby. Upon learning of Marcus presence back in the square, Phil and Sharon confront him. Phil, determined to prove that his son Ben is innocent for Lucy's murder after the police implicate him as the prime suspect, attempts to threaten Marcus into teaming up against Max to no avail. At the same time, Marcus sabotages Max's relationship with the latter's daughter Abi by convincing Max to tell the police that Abi killed Lucy to protect himself; Max does this and in doing so strains his relationship with Abi. Later on, Ian's wife Jane approaches Marcus with a fake alibi in an attempt to protect Ian and Bobby from police suspicion.

In the end, however, Marcus' efforts to help exonerate Max collapses when he is found guilty - after Phil had bribed the jury into doing this. Max's conviction is later quashed when Bobby confesses the truth. Since then, Marcus has not been seen on the square again.


  • The character Marcus Christie has made a total of 79 appearances throughout his time on the show.