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Two words, my friend: No refunds.
~ Marcus Kincaid's catchphrase.

Marcus Kincaid is a ruthless arms dealer and warmonger who appears in the Borderlands franchise.


Marcus came from multiple generations of arms dealers.

He has a monopoly over the sales of firearms and ammunition on the barbaric borderlands with his expansive network of ammunition vendors. He's not beyond killing and/or destroying the stock of anyone who attempts to rival him, and will sell everything to all clients - allies (Crimson Raiders, Vault Hunters) and enemies (Bandits, COV) alike - just for profit.

He is extremely stingy, impatient, and parsimonious, so he refuses to allow any customer to pay anything short of full price for any item under any circumstance, and has a very strict "no refunds" policy, even going so far as to shoot a customer returning what he claims to be a faulty gun in the leg. In one mission during Borderlands 2, he hires the player to take back several refund checks which he, while drunk, accidentally mailed to unsatisfied (for implied–to–be–legitimate reasons) customers.

In another mission, he asks the Vault Hunters to search in Sawtooth Cauldron for the ECHO celebrity Kai. He had actually conned Kai into buying a cheaply constructed Evil Smasher for 2,000,000$ and convinced him with a pretentious prophecy of saving the galaxy. Marcus accidentally gave him 10$ instead of 1$ and simply wanted the extra 9$ back (despite it being negligible compared to his arms trade). When Kai is revealed to have been killed, Marcus scoffs at this due to his easy scam.

Despite all of this, the Vault Hunters are among the few to consistently remain on Marcus's good side, being loyal customers of his who do not much mind his greed and frequent price–gouging due to the excess amount of cash or free weapons they tend to collect in–game.


  • Marcus is a rare example of a villain who aids the heroes despite his nasty crimes, yet is not a Villain Protagonist due to being a supporting character. He is also a rare example of a villain who has a fair amount of heroic qualities, despite his evil actions.
  • Marcus' businesses are implied to be unauthorized and illegal, but with the widespread withdrawal of various corporations, this has became obsolete.
  • Marcus doesn't just vendor weapons. Other products include Energy Fuses and SDUs.
  • Marcus was Moxxi's third husband, who was also attributable to his obesity.