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Marcus Miller, also known as The Orphan Killer, is the titular main antagonist of the 2011 independent horror film The Orphan Killer.

He was portrayed by David Backhaus.


After witnessing his parents followed by years of abuse, Marcus is shown to have anger problems and to be vengeful as shown when he captures his sister and plans to kill her for abandoning him. However, Marcus is not devoid of remorse as he is regularly seen praying to God for forgiveness and punishing himself. Also Marcus rarely if ever raises his voice keeping a quiet and calm way of speaking regardless of the situation.


As a young child, Marcus witnessed the death of his parents during a break in but was able to help hide both himself and his younger sister Audrey in the bathroom while shielding her from seeing the murders. After the police arrive they take the children to a Catholic orphanage. There Marcus was molested by a priest and brutally beaten by the nuns for any transgression they can find. Due to this he brutally assaulted a child when he saw started to play with a child at night. As a result he receives a brutal beating from the nuns and forced to wear a mask meant to keep the other children away. The only person who even attempted to stay in contact him was Audrey who promised they would be together forever. One day one of the officers adopted Audrey and wanted to do the same with Marcus but could not afford to support both. Audrey comes by and promises she would try to visit Marcus and always remember him. Over time Marcus became somewhat of a local legend to the people in the area due to his mask and what he had done.

Eventually, Marcus starts to kill the staff or anyone who got in the way and hunt his sister wanting revenge on her for abandoning him in the orphanage. Upon eventually capturing Audrey he is shown to of also captured a priest whom he begins to torture. As Marcus begins he asks if the priest touched her as well which shocks her upon realizing what he had been put through. Over time Marcus is forced to temporarily leave the two alone allowing Audrey to escape but not before killing the priest who is begging for a quick death. When Marcus returns Audrey is able to fight back and wound him before being able to escaping to the roof. There the two fight until Marcus is knocked off the roof seemingly to his death. However right before the credits role it is shown Audrey receives a package of a toy from her childhood with blood on it indicating Marcus is still out there.