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How beautiful the moon is.
~ Margaret Moonlight to Travis Touchdown.

Margaret Moonlight is the 4th ranked assassin in No More Heroes 2: Desperate Struggle.


She's a blond hair gothic lolita character who fights Travis at the top of a supermarket building. She wields two giant, bladed scythes that shoot bullets and can be used as snipers, called Le Croissant du ange.


Margaret fights with two Scythes at close combat. If Travis gets to far, she'll use her scythes as sniper rifles. When she shoots them the emit crosses. Margaret also has the ability to teleport. The song she whistling is called Philistine, the last thing her victims ever hear. She fights and is ultimately killed by Travis Touchdown when he impales her through the torso and slices out her midsection, disemboweling her. But not before Travis tells her that he has memorized her song.



  • Even though Margaret has no backstory, her theme music however, Philistine tells her entire personalty, and motive. She kills people that she believes are sinners.
  • Margaret Moonlight was voiced by Tara Strong, who also did the voice of Cloe Walsh.


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