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Meh meh meh meh!
~ Margaret Robinson
Margaret is, and always will be, a mystery. Nothing happened in her life to justify the way she is. Some people aren't looking for anything logical; they can't be bought, reasoned or negotiated with. Sometimes man just wants to watch the world burn.
~ Mr. Robinson on his wife's behavior.

Margaret Robinson, also called Mrs. Robinson, is a supporting antagonist in The Amazing World of Gumball. She is the unempathetic and sometimes sadistic wife of Gaylord Robinson, as well as a neighbour of the Wattersons.

She is voiced by Teresa Gallagher.


Similar to her husband, Mrs. Robinson is best described as grumpy, callous and unempathetic. She does not speak at all in the series, but rather grunts all her words through a series of indecipherable "mehs".

Earlier on in the series, Mrs. Robinson shows a twisted form of love towards her husband. While they both love each other, this seems to be symbolised most through their constant bickering. When Mr. Robinson ended up depressed and losing his anger, she threw him out, unable to be happy in their relationship. After Mr. Robinson unleashed his newfound anger on Richard however, she happily hugged him and accepted him back. Mrs. Robinson also appears to enjoy gardening, but enjoys killing flowers even more.

Later on in the series, Mrs. Robinson transitions into an unrepentant sadist who revels in causing the despair of others. She shows many sadistic tendencies, and the episode called "The Wicked" portrays her in an irredeemable light, with her going around and tormenting and harming everyone she comes across. Mrs. Robinson also shows her utter sadism when she smiles wickedly at the sight of Darwin choking on a plastic toy and leaves him despite him and Gumball begging her for help. Her husband claims that nothing happened to make Margaret the way she is, and that sometimes people just want to see others suffer. She is also willing to let others take the fall for her crimes, as she framed Gumball and Darwin twice in said episode.

Mrs. Robinson also proves to be unfaithful towards her husband's marriage, this is shown in "The Boss" where she steals his wallet before he is taken away by an ambulance. In the same episode, she is seen hula dancing with other men on a tropical island and even planned to marry one of them before her husband woke up from his stuffing transfusion.





  • While the only thing she can say is "Meh", it appears that her husband and son can understand her just fine.
  • It appears that her way of speaking is an actual language, given that she has written such words in her diary.
    • Also, when Darwin attempted to copy her way of speaking, it is shown that he was only saying random words in Mrs Robinson's perspective.
  • Even when she was a child, Mrs. Robinson has shown to have committed evil acts as well including:
    • Ripping the head off her teddy bear.
    • Knocking her brother off a boat while riding with him.
    • Burned down Elmore Junior High on her first day at school.
    • Used the fireplace in her house to burn Santa.
  • In "The Wicked", she is said to be "seventy percent cotton, thirty percent polyester and made in the fiery pits of the underworld."
  • She could be considered the most evil villain in The Amazing World of Gumball since, unlike Rob, she doesn't have any sympathetic reasons behind her wickedness. She knows she's evil, and she revels on this fact.


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