Marge Deaver

Marge Deaver

Marge Deaver (nee Harding) is an antagonist from "The Secret of Gila Junction", episode 12.03 of Murder, She Wrote.

She was portrayed by Kari Whitman.

Marge Deaver is the wife of Whitey Deaver, and runs a market and lunch counter with her husband in Gila Junction, Arizona. As later revealed, however, Marge is also a villainess known as the Truck Stop Bandit, committing various robberies at night. She was shown in the beginning of the episode holding up an illegal poker game and robbing the players at gunpoint. During the robbery, Marge donned her husband's ski mask as part of her disguise, and buried the mask and the ill-gotten loot after her heist.

After Whitey was murdered, the evil Marge depicted her deceased husband as the bandit to cover up her true role. However, Jessica Fletcher revealed to Marge that while the mask was Whitey's, Marge's DNA was all over it, as she wore it in her last heist. After the reveal, Marge confessed to being the bandit, but stated that she did not murder Whitey, which later turned out to be true. Marge was later arrested for the robberies.