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Margot was a random character in Grand Theft Auto IV: The Ballad of Gay Tony and the main antagonist of Silent Hell. She was the ex-girlfriend of Luis Lopez until the pair ended up bad.

Early life

By 2007, Margot dated Luis Fernando Lopez. However, Luis declared that he wants to marry her no more. Afterwards, she stalked him by being obsessed with him anyway. Despite Margot's father telling her about Luis being a bad influence, Margot's mental crazed obsession caused her to send e-mails, phone calls and gifts.

The Ballad of Gay Tony

First encounter

Luis meets Margot on the streets in front of Hercules (although it seems she waits there for him) and, after panicking him out about his rejection of her constant gifts, tells him that she took 37 painkillers and 15 sleeping pills. Angry, but still anxious for her safety, Luis takes Margot to the emergency room of the Lancet-Hospital Center to have her stomach pumped.

Second encounter and death

Following the release from hospital, Luis encounters her again at Pier 45 holding onto a handrail and is prepared to jump. Margot damns Luis' tainted and perverted lifestyle and holds a suicide note about Luis being responsible for Margot's death. She begs him to save her and Luis begs she'll kill herself for him. As he steps to try to save her, Margot rather jumps off handrail, ending her life.

The other witnesses, mistaking Luis for Margot's murderer via pushing (ironically bringing her suicide note to fruition), chases after him relentlessly. But Luis succeeds to escape from them.

Silent Hell

It is revealed that the man, who told Luis about Margot, goes to a location, where she waiting, but saw her gone. Also, Cindy was one of the witnesses of Margot's death. Luis, along with his female neighbour, is outraged upon seeing Margot. She blames him for pushing him despite Luis claiming she killed herself. Enraged, Margot speaks with demonic voice as she gets her skin red with some other stain, and managed to catch Luis to rape him. But as she does it, the neighbour of Luis hacks Margot in the back with an axe, only to somehow affect her. Shortly after Margot laughed with demonic voice, she gets burned, killing her once for all.


Margot was an obsessed girlfriend of Luis. At some point, while both had hard relationship, she became suicidal, arrogant, sarcastic, crazy and hypocritical shown when she took many painkillers and sleeping pills, criticized Luis for his life, claimed that everyone would blame Luis of pushing Margot, and fell to her death.


  • Margot shared some similarities to Maria from Silent Hill on what Silent Hell was based.
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