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What?! But I'm what you wanted! Mary's dead. Don't you understand? She's not coming back! But I can be yours... I'll be here for you forever... I'll never hurt you like she did! So why don't you want me?!
~ Maria to James Sunderland in the "Rebirth" ending.

Maria acts as the central antagonist in the video game Silent Hill 2 and the main protagonist of "Born From a Wish". She was created from the delusions of the protagonist James Sunderland, who subconsciously desired to be punished for murdering his wife Mary as well as to see her again. Maria is, in fact, a manifestation of Mary, except with different hair, taste in clothes, and more seductive attitude.

She was voiced by Monica Taylor Horgan in Silent Hill 2 and voiced by Mary Elizabeth McGlynn in the HD Collection.


Silent Hill 2

James and Mary Sunderland were a happily married couple. They had made a vacation to Silent Hill, and Mary fell in love with the place. Their happiness ended, when after only a few years of marriage, Mary fell ill with an incurable disease. Mary's situation caused her to turn into an erratic person, lashing out at those she loved most, including James. Over the course of Mary's three-year illness, part of James grew to hate Mary for destroying his life. He finally snapped and smothered Mary with a pillow. In shock and denial, James's mind caused him to forget his crime and believe that Mary died three years previously. He then hallucinated a letter from Mary, saying that she was waiting for him in their "special place" in Silent Hill. He then set off to look for Mary in Silent Hill. When he arrived, the power of the town created different monsters representative of his anxieties. It also spawned Maria in response to his masochistic desire for punishment. It created the instrument of that punishment in Pyramid Head, who was based off an image of an executioner of Silent Hill from when the town was a penal colony, which James had seen when in Silent Hill.

Born From A Wish

Shortly after James arrived in Silent Hill, Maria awoke in Heaven's Night gentleman club. Ignorant of her purpose, Maria contained some of Mary's memories. She wandered out into the foggy town to find someone alive, eventually ending up in Baldwin Mansion. She found that the owner of the manison, Ernest Baldwin had locked himself in his room and refused to let her in. Up in the attic she finds the birthday card made by a little girl named Amy for Ernest so she decided to give him the card. In that moment Maria learns the truth about Amy and the fact she was Ernest deceased daughter. He sends her in search of a certain item that he cannot retrive by himself and then he realizes that Maria is a manifestation and this is the reason she can speak with him but before he can tell her that she interrupts him saying he can believe or think whatever he wants. He also adds that James is a "bad man," which causes her to become aware of her purpose. When she got into Baldwin's room, Maria found no one inside which confirms that Ernest was a ghost. She briefly contemplated suicide but then tossed away her revolver and went to Rosewater Park to wait for James in hopes that he will accept her.

Punishing James

James, looking for Mary in Rosewater Park, encountered Maria instead. Deciding that the special place referred to was the Lakeview Hotel, he agrees to let Maria tag along after she wants to go with him. When Laura runs away from James into the Brookhaven Hospital, Maria and James enter it to look for her in the building. In one of the rooms, Maria starts to cough so James tells her to lay down and rest a bit. When the hospital switches into it's Otherworld self, James bumps into Maria in the hospital's basement. She became very upset when James thought she was Mary and he cared more about his wife than her and begs him to never leave her alone. In the basement, James and Maria enter a long corridor where Pyramid Head chased them both. James escaped into an elevator but Maria fell behind and Pyramid Head skewered her with a spear. This sent James into a state of emotional agony, seeing himself as having failed to save Mary yet again. However, death for Maria was only temporary. James encountered her again while exploring a subterranean area called the Labyrinth deep beneath the Toluca Prison, where he finds her in a cell with no immediate way out. Maria calls James "silly" to believe that she died and then exhibits that she has some of Mary's memories such as remembering the video tape he and Mary left back at the hotel. She then openly tries to seduce James and tells him to hurry up and get her out of there. James makes his way through the Labyrinth to the door to her cell, but when he gets there, she is "dead" again with bruised face and in blood all over the face and bed. He leaves, distraught. James makes his way to the hotel, where he is made aware of his crime by means of a videotape. In a warped version of the hotel lobby, James sees two Pyramid Heads skewer, Maria. James then admits that he was weak and wanted someone to punish him for his sins, and rejects the Pyramid Heads, which then kill themselves. James notices that Maria's body is gone, and moves on to the next area.

The Final Battle

Maria in demonic form.

James ascends a long flight of stairs, and at the top he meets Maria, now having taken on Mary's exact likeness. James tells her that he doesn't need her anymore, after which Maria offers to be his new Mary that will never make him feel bad. When James rebuffs her, Maria becomes enraged, transforming into a demon resembling a patient in a hospital bed. James then fights and kills Maria, and moves on with his life after seeing Mary appear one last time in the Leave ending. In the In Water ending, James kills himself by driving his car into the lake. In the Rebirth ending, James rows Mary's corpse out to an island in the middle of the lake with the intent of performing a resurrection ritual, before the screen fades to black. In the Maria ending, the final boss is Mary, who claims that she's angry for him needed Maria and still hasn't forgiven him for what he did. After he kills her, he meets Maria in the park again and leaves town with her. But right as they get to the car, Maria coughs, signifying that the past will repeat itself and James is doomed to walk down the same path over again.





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