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Maria El Tomoe is the secondary antagonist of the manga Mobile Suit Crossbones Gundam Gost. She is the wife of Kizo Dogatie. Coming from a poor family, originally she believed that her Newtype power can free her from poverty. She met Kizo, and eventually came to believe that she is the one that should be worthy to become the ruler of Zanscare Empire.


Maria is very proud of being the wife of Kizo Dogatie, and just like her husband, she has no problems in using the dangerous Angel's Call to usurp Zanscare Empire. She also refuse to accept failure, threatening to infect her minions with Angel's Call if they failed to kill Font, and is happy to infect disabled enemies too. Despite of her ruthless side, she is truly in love with Kizo, worrying of Kizo's well-being when he is fighting Font, and even committing suicide when Kizo is killed.


Originally, Maria was a powerful Newtype in poverty. She believed that with her psychics power, she would become the queen. However, Maria Pure Armonia, another powerful newtype, became the queen instead, with this causing Maria to become envious of her. At some point, she was married to Kizo, and eventually became the worship figure of the town Maria, which believed that Maria was able to do supernatural acts. During one of her speeches, Rosemary Raspberry would reveal that she is a fraud. Maria attempted to have a sniper to kill Rosemary, only for her to be pushed on the floor. Rosemary then escaped as Maria had her wanted.

Later in her palace, Maria would be followed by the Serpiente Tacon, and one of its members would hold Maria hostage, forcing her to reveal the location of Angel's Call's storage. She then lured them to it, where she and Kizo would reveal that they were in a trap where they planned to release the Angel's Call from the body of an infected Erin Schneider before they escaped from the room. Later, they would evacuate from Maria Town since Fonse Kagatie fired a nuclear missile as an attempt to destroy Angel’s Call. Maria would watch as Kizo started his rebellion towards Fonse. They then left the city and headed towards to space.

At some point, Maria asked Kizo to have Fonse and Armonia killed for "taking away her future". She and her Newtype squad then piloted the Mobile Armour Chaosrel while Kizo piloting the Midas Mobile Suit to fight the incoming Zansacre force. After the Zanscare force were disabled by the Midas, Maria had the Chaosrel to release Gimlet Bits, thus taking control of the Moblie Suits of the Zanscare force while killing their pilots with Angel's Call. With that. Maria controlled the Mobile Suits to attack their own mothership.

Eventually, the Thoucus, wanting to obtain the Angel's Call to sell it, joined the battle. Quo Gray, the leader of Thoucus, easily disabled the ships of Kizo's force. Maria then asked Kizo if he is okay, who told him that their ships were all disabled just before going back to fight Quo. Meanwhile, seeing their force were defeated, Maria threatened to infect them with Angel's Call. However, they still fruitlessly throw themselves at Font and Jack Friday, only to be killed easily. Soon, Kizo killed Quo, but with one of Midas's sensor damaged, thus, Kizo is no longer able to disable enemies. He also told Maria to infect their disabled ships with Angel's Call, which Maria happily did.

However, it was then revealed that the Serpiente Tacon used Belle's Newtype ability to inform the Space Colonies to create the Solar Ray, thus destroying most of the Angel's Call infected Mobile Suits and ships. However, Maria managed to grab an infected ship, and tried to ram it into the Angel Halo while leaving the infected Banzo and Bailarina to help Kizo to fight Curtis. After destroying the two remaining infected Mobile Suits, the Serpiente Tacon rammed their Manzana Flor ship into the Chaosrel and the infected ship, with its sail impaling the Mobile Armour, thus trapping Maria. However, this allowed Kizo to hijack the Manzana Flor and kidnap Belle, whom Maria found out to be strong in Newtype power, and thus is needed in accomplishing their goal.

Soon, Font, Jack , and Kosher would fought Kizo and Maria for the last time. After rescuing Belle, Font and Jack fought Kizo, while Kosher, piloting a Divinidad, fought Maria. Maria attempted to infect Kosher, only for the Divinidad to destroy the Gimlet Bits with its Feather Funnels. Soon, both Mobile Armors critically damaged each other, and the Divinidad slammed the Chaosrel into the Manzana Flor, defeating it for good but at the cost of her own life. Maria was then left watching the final battle between Font and Kizo. In the end, Kizo was killed, and Maria committed suicide by infecting herself and the Newtype crew with Angel's Call.



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