Maria Jimenez

Maria Jimenez was the main antagonist of the 2016 Lifetime film, Abducted: The Jocelyn Shaker Story

She was portrayed by Marcela Mar.


Maria Jimenez was the business associate for Javier Moreno for 10 years, but as revealed later on, she harbored a crush on Javier. After seeing Javier with his new current wife, Caitlin Shaker, Maria turned heel and masterminded the kidnapping of Caitlin's daughter (and Javier's stepdaughter), Jocelyn.

Maria colluded with a fellow worker, Temo, and Colombian Police Captain Rojas in the abduction of Jocelyn, which occurred after Maria engaged in a business dinner with Javier and Caitlin. After Javier was accused and arrested for Jocelyn's abduction, Maria acted as a means of support for Caitlin, while hiding her true villainous persona. The plan included a $2 million ransom, which played a role in Maria's villainous reveal. After Temo was killed following taking the ransom from Caitlin (revealing his role in the abduction), Caitlin heard his phone ringing and answered it, hearing Maria's voice telling him that this wasn't part of the plan.

After realizing that Caitlin was on the other end of the phone, the evil Maria ended up confronted by Caitlin at her home, where Jocelyn was held. The psychotic villainess held Caitlin at gunpoint while venting over what she had done for Javier and that she should have had a daughter with him, while also revealing that she bought a majority share of his company and accusing Caitlin of being a gold digger. At that moment, Caitlin shut off the lights, prompting Maria to fire her gun wildly. The women engaged in a brawl that led them to crash through the window and on to the front yard, where Maria was wringing Caitlin's neck. Later on, Maria was shot and killed by police officer Susanna Espinosa.