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I am going to bury you!
~ Maria to Piper after her sentence was extended.

Maria Ruiz is the secondary antagonist for Season Four of Orange is the New Black. She is an inmate at Litchfield Prison.

She was portrayed by Jessica Pimentel, and her younger self was portrayed by Allison Pena.


Ruiz is generally a hardened realist, who doesn't accept any nonsense and is quick to dismiss unrealistic fantasies, such as when Maritza and Flaca are planning Daya's wedding to Bennett, or when Piper tries to build a bridge between them when they are going to be transferred together. Her soft side is generally only seen around her boyfriend, Yadriel, and daughter, Pepa. She is desperate to be a proper mother to her daughter, whom she adores, and took her immediate separation from her baby after labor extremely hard.

Villainous Acts

Ruiz only became an antagonist in Season Four when she starts her own pantie business, just like Piper Chapman. Maria and Piper are fine towards each other until Piper tells Desi Piscatella. Desi adds from 3 to 5 years onto her sentence, infuriating Maria. Maria continues her business, and during Nicky's welcome back party, takes Piper and brands her a Swastika.


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