Maria S. Cranberry is a character appearing in Kamen Rider W Forever: A to Z/The Gaia Memories of Fate, initially introduced as an International Special Investigation Research Agency member.

Maria Daido

Her actual name is Maria Daido, a researcher for the Museum and Foundation X and the mother of Katsumi Daido. During her research and experiments she created the Necro-Overs. In an attempt to save her son's life, Daido was made into a refined subject, but this turned him into a monster and he and the others escaped and became mercenaries.

When NEVER started to make its move in Futo City, Miki went under the alias Maria S. Cranberry and helps the Narumi Detective Agency against people of Futo who inadvertently became Dopants from the T2 Gaia Memories. Philip thought from her appearance that she was his mother, Shroud, and tried to get close to her.

However when Maria calls them to meet with the 19 T2 Gaia Memories they found she reveals she lied to them about her position, and that she is actually the scientist responsible for creating NEVER. She also reveals herself as the Cyclone Dopant that had been helping the people of Futo out and saving Akiko Narumi from the Trigger Dopant. She still gives the Memories to her son and eventually abducts Philip to power the Ex Bicker.

When the riders counterattack against Eternal, Maria betrays her son by injecting him with a serum that causes him to dissolve. But Daido then shoots Maria in the stomach and escapes with the serum. Dying, she reveals to Philip that she lied because she wanted to love him as her son but couldn't so she lied to give them hope. Honoring her request Philip agrees to pretend to be her son. Maria thanks him then passes away.

In th Director's Cut, after the credits, a woman wearing the same clothes as Maria was seen to change into a form similar to that of Shroud. This gave a suspense-like feel to who really Shroud is and if she really is Maria.


During her time as Maria Daido, Maria developed the process of creating the Necro-Overs.

Dopant Forms

With the T2 Cyclone Memory, Maria becomes the Cyclone Dopants which allows her to manipulate wind. She also appears to have full control over herself, unlike the other non-NEVER Dopants who went into a frenzy after the memories went into their bodies.

Behind the scenes


Maria S. Cranberry is portrayed by Aya Sugimoto. Sugimoto previously portrayed Queen Beryl in Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon. As the Cyclone Dopant, her suit actor is Satoshi Fujita.

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