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The human race deserves the zombie apocalypse, and now look at you. You destroy the very company that brings you the medicine to heal your loved ones.
~ Marian Mallon, to Frank West and Chuck Greene.

Dr. Marian Mallon is one of the main antagonists of the Dead Rising series, serving as the main antagonist in the comic book mini-series Dead Rising: Road to Fortune and Dead Rising 2: Case West, the unseen overarching antagonist of Dead Rising 2 and Dead Rising 2: Off the Record, and the secondary antagonist in Dead Rising 3.

Marian is a Phenotrans worker, and possibly a senior officer or the head of the company, She has a zombie bite-mark on her left cheek, which has seemingly never healed. She claims that her infection is irrelevant, in that she doesn't need Zombrex anymore as she was cured by an actual antidote for the parasite. In Dead Rising 3, she is seen still using Zombrex during the outbreak. Whether her claim is a bluff or whether the cure became obsolete (due to a mutation of the virus) remains unknown.

She was voiced by Jacqueline Samuda in Dead Rising 2: Case West, and was voiced by Kathleen Garrett in Dead Rising 3.


Dead Rising 2: Case West

After Chuck and Frank find Isabela in the Secure Lab she explains herself that she was forced to work for Phenotrans and she needs to escape to continue her research on finding the synthetic version of her cure. However, the director of Phenotrans, Marian Mallon, reveals herself in a room above them and sends in guards to capture the trio. Isabela manages to get away, leading Chuck and Frank to believe that she was only using them to help her escape. She returns shortly after with a gun in an attempt to free the two. However, Harjit Singh, the head of Phenotrans security, is sent to deal with the situation and promptly knocks out Isabela when she attempts to escape. She throws a flash drive towards Frank containing information regarding Phenotrans's practices just before fainting and being taken to Marian.

After her bodyguard Harjit Singh's defeat and death happens, Marian explains the cure's existence and her actions are nothing more than what humanity deserves, making example of how Chuck and Frank destroyed her company that leaves her with no choice but to start self-destruct, she leaves with Isabela. She also adds that there's going to be another "harvest" which means another outbreak.

Dead Rising 3

Nick is able to successfully sneak into the compound and hears a conversation between General Hemlock and Marian Mallon. The two talk about the outbreak and Marian reveals that she is searching for Diego.

After the conversation between Hemlock and Mallon finishes, Nick manages to free Annie and the rest of the captives.

Marian Mallon, who is trying to find out which one of them has the cure, commands that the scientists "activate" Diego first, to see if he's "the one". Diego is then zapped with an intense laser beam, and is killed as several of the zombie parasites swarm out of his body. Hundreds of parasitic bees also swarm around the laboratory following his death, and Nick is able to break free of his restraints in the confusion.

He attempts to escape with Isabela so she can further explain, but he is attacked by Mallon. After defeating Mallon he escapes, and goes to find Annie.

Ending S

Chuck and Nick manage to find Hemlock and Marian. Marian reminds Hemlock that they need a cure, to which Hemlock calls it a bullshit and tries to convince her that it does not exist, but Mallon doesn't agree and says his only making her sicker, then furious Hemlock grabs Marian Mallon, last thing he tells her is that her usefulness has expired and throws her off the roof. Then he proceeds to go forth with the extraction of king zombies from the city.

After the credits, it is revealed that Isabela was the one behind the outbreak the whole time, convincing Mallon to begin the outbreak. Her goal was to start the outbreak so that number 12 would realize his immunity and come forward, successfully making herself the creator of the cure and clearing her family name from what she and Carlito did in Willamette. Back in the present, Isabela destroys the evidence of this and leaves the city with the others, making her elaborate plan a success.

Ending C

In this ending, Hemlock has been found out for his crimes and gets arrested, however the game credits do not mention Mallon, so it's presumed she managed to get away again but has failed to find the cure and confirm drug's existence.


Marian has an extremely misanthropic personality, and stating that humanity is the cause of the creation of the zombie plague in the first place. As such, the human race deserved the zombie apocalypse. Most of her background is shrouded in mystery, with only a few small tokens of her life found in the Director's Office.



  • Mallon is the only main antagonist of the Dead Rising series who survives the respective game's events, and so far the only one that the player does not directly battle.
  • Mallon is apparently a fan of Bibi Love, as Mallon has a portrait in her office of Bibi Love performing on stage in her leather outfit. This portrait seems to be signed "Bibi" or "Diva", and also near the middle of the picture there seems to be an inserted square picture of Marian's face.
  • Shortly before her death in Overtime Mode, Mallon gets into an argument with General Hemlock over the existence of a cure for the zombie parasite. While Hemlock believes it to be only a myth, Mallon is determined to find it at all costs. This confirms that she had (in-fact) lied back in Dead Rising 2: Case West when she hinted of the cure's existence to Frank West and Chuck Greene.
  • Before the events of the outbreak in Dead Rising 3, Mallon's reaction about Isabela's plan to cause the outbreak was very ironic of her personality, as she has described that thousands of lives and even orphan's will be sacrificed and immediately rejected her plan, only to let Isabela provoke her to accept her plan, it was never explained what caused Mallon not to be evil for once.

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