It will cost you much more than you think.
~ Marian Paździoch
Helena I have a heart attack.
~ Marian after unpleasant experience.

Marian Janusz Heinrich Gottlieb Paździoch von Bumberstein, simply known as Marian Paździoch, born in October 1945 - is the second character and the main antagonist in popular polish comedian series Świat według 'Kiepskich (The World by Kiepscy) before the thirteenth season, when Jolanta Pupcia-Kiepska appeared. He's very boorish and greedy. Despite this he is one of the most popular characters in the sitcom and very popular character in Poland.


Marian was born in Wąchock. Now he lives in Wrocław on Ćwiartki 3/3. He is married with Helena Paździoch. He is Ferdynand's Kiepski neighbour. Both often argue ussulally about who will fiirst use their private, public toilet. But they sometimes liaise to earn a lot of money. Paździoch also dislikes his second neighbour Arnold Boczek whose calling "Fatty" (Polish- grubas). He works in bazaar and selling lingerie. Only person whose he's afraid is his wife Helena.


We don't know many about his past. He often says "You don't know a lot of things about me". His father was called Józef and mother Helena. His grandfather Ernest von Paździoch was a German.

In childhood he was altar server. His mother wanted him to be a priest.

In People's Republic of Poland he was a member of Polish United Workers' Party. He collaborated with SB.

What he likes doing

  • Coming on vodka to Ferdynand Kiepski at 3am in the morning.
  • Stealing toilet paper and bulbs.
  • Offending his neighbors and wife.
  • Complaining about Waldek Kiepski.
  • Philosophizing with Ferdynand Kiepski.
  • Drinking alcohol.




  • He gets up at 4:30 a.m.
  • He married with Helena in 1983.
  • For all life, he's cheated his mother that he became a priest.
  • He can dance breakdance.
  • He had more than 100 heart's attack.
  • During his life he was three times presumed dead by people.
  • In one of episodes, Paździoch knew also dark magic and was using it to harass neighbors.
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