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I serve you my dark master!
~ Marianna ready to serve Heinrich I

Marianna Blavatsky, also known as Madame Blavatsky, is the High Priestess of the SS Paranormal Division, spearhead of Operation Resurrection and one of the two main antagonists in the 2001 video game Return to Castle Wolfenstein.


Marianna Blavatsky explored the art of black magic for a very long time. She established herself as the person responsible for occultism in the Third Reich. Therefore, she had good contacts with Himmler and great power within the ranks of the SS Paranormal Division. Blavatsky taught many, but her most faithful and loyal student was Helga von Bulow. With calmness and determination, she managed to acquire knowledge that could be used by the Nazis to gain power they could not even imagine.


As indicated in her notes and letters that can be found in the game, she was a very proud woman, as shown in her letter to Himmler, and she was also too confident and quite arrogant. She is clearly fanatical and devoted to the Nazi purposes. Her writings also indicate that she has mixed views about some high-ranking officers in Nazi Germany, as shown in one of her letters that shows that General von Stauff is the one officer he respects while she hates general Burkhalter because of his arrogance, even stating that she is disappointed when she learned that he was one of the "chosen" for the ceremony, but she accepted the reality of the circumstances, also indicating that she sets her goals above all. Given her appearance, she seems to have a strange fascination with tattoos.

Reawakening of Heinrich I

For the first time, Marianna can be seen conducting the anointing ceremony late in the night in Unhallowed Ground near the Chateau Schufstaffel on three Super Soldiers with the help of the Elite Guards. At the very end of the game, she conducts the final ceremony and turns three Super Soldiers into Dark Knights in order to revive Heinrich I. After Heinrich I is brought back, Marianna pledges herself in service to the reawakened monarch, to which Heinrich I responds by turning her into a zombie slave.

Zombified Marianna was later killed by B.J. Blazkowicz along with Dark Knights and Heinrich I.


  • Marianna is named after the real-life occultist Helena Blavatsky, and is probably supposed to be her descendant.



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