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She done messed with the wrong witch and she knows it. Now, you know it.
~ Marie Laveau to Cordelia Foxx.
The Truce is over.
~ Marie Laveau, declaring war against Fiona Goode and her witches.

Marie Laveau is one of the two main antagonists (alongside Fiona Goode) of American Horror Story: Coven and a minor protagonist in American Horror Story: Apocalypse. She is the Voodoo Queen, who is well known throughout the city of New Orleans. Her status in the Voodoo practice is equivalent to that of the Supreme Witch.

She was portrayed by Angela Bassett, who also voiced Shatter in Bumblebee.


Marie Laveau is an immortal Voodoo Queen/Witch, gifted her immortality by Papa Legba in exchange for the souls the innocent: babies. She is the lover of Bastien and "gifts" his tormenter Delphine LaLaurie with immortality as well, locking her in a box in the ground where she remains until she is dug up by the sworn enemy of Marie, Fiona Goode. At this point, Marie is an established hairdresser in her own salon.


Marie is a Voodoo queen and revered by those who practice the religion and craft. While living in the 1800's her attire was that of long and elegant dresses; in post modern New Orleans her style is more modern, wearing dresses of varied colors with antiquated hairstyles. When she performs rituals, she wears white clothes and a tignon.

When crossed Marie is quick to take revenge and her force is one to be reckoned with. Marie Laveau, and her voodoo following, hold much animosity toward witches, specifically the descendants of the Salem Witch Trials, her stance towards them changed however when she developed a deep respect, and friendship with Fiona Goode, after seeking refuge with the witches after the loss of her Voodoo followers.


  • Marie is the main antagonist of the season until after Head, where she joins forces with Fiona Goode and the Coven and begins sharing the role with Fiona until her death.
  • Before the launch of Apocalypse, it was stated by Angela Bassett herself that she won't return for Season 8 after it became the crossover storyline between Murder House and Coven. However, she still reprised her role of Marie Laveau for its season finale anyway.


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