Mariemaia Khushrenada (マリーメイア・クシュリナーダ?) is the daughter of Treize Khushrenada, the Duke of OZ and Leia Barton, daughter of Dekim Barton and sister of Trowa Barton


Mariemaia Khushrenada was born to her parents but was suppose to have died young but was groomed by her grandfather. Mariemaia kidnapped Vice-Foreign Minister so there would be no opposition to the Barton family's rule over the Earth. The occupation of Earth was quick with no resistance and victory seemed assured when a number of insurgents, including the Gundam pilots tried to stand up. Mariemaia felt that their efforts would soon be exhausted until the populace stands up the gundams destroys the shelter. Dekim urges her to take up her rightful place as ruler of Earth but Relena slaps sense into her, literally. She then saves Darlian's life when her grandfather tried to kill her. Lady Une soon has her rushed to medical attention. Soon afterwards, she makes a full recovery and is adopted by and placed in Une's custody.


  • She is the third child-character who become antagonist of Gundam metaseries, the first is Ple Two and Ple Clones from Mobile Suit Gundam ZZ, and later followed by Desil Galette from Mobile Suit Gundam AGE
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