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His name shall be neither spoken nor taught. He'll cut and he'll crush and the blood will run thick. Though from healer to killer is no easy trick.
~ Jervis Tetch about Mario Calvi.
You know what, Jim, with all this virus talk, you keep forgetting one thing: I'm still Carmine Falcone's son.
~ Mario Calvi to James Gordon.
She loves me!
~ Mario Calvi on Leslie Thompkins.

Mario Calvi, or Mario Falcone is a supporting character in the TV series Gotham.

He appears as a major protagonist-turned-antagonist in Season 3 and a posthumous antagonist in Season 4.

He is the eldest son of Carmine Falcone and brother of Sofia Falcone and a unnamed brother. Originally a supporting character, Calvi was a doctor at Gotham General Hospital who became the fiancé of Leslie Thompkins after she had broken up with James Gordon, following his incarceration to Blackgate Penitentiary. 

Although Calvi and Gordon initially had a favorable friendship, Calvi - while trying to rescue Gordon from dying from a hallucinogen - was injected with the Tetch Virus by Jervis Tetch. Although he had remained being infected a secret, he grew jealous over Lee's small love for Gordon and orchestrated multiple events to make it look like Gordon was sabotaging his and Thompkins' wedding.

He was portrayed by James Carpinello.


Fatal Encounter with James Gordon

At Carmine's refuge, Calvi begins to ponder on Thompkins' feelings for Gordon. Thinking that she loves him, his heartbeat begins to amplify and proceeds to grab a knife, slowly walking towards her. James Gordon, who had arrived at the refuge to kill Calvi turns to find him just seconds away from killing Thompkins, who is oblivious to the fact. Gordon shoots him twice, killing him, saving Lee but also whisking away the evidence - the knife - into the river that ties him to her attempted murder.


  • He is the series' incarnation of Mario Falcone from the DC Comic Books, although is given the surname "Calvi" instead of "Falcone". Unlike his comic book counterpart, he is not a gangster and his father doesn't wish for him to be tied up in the family "business".


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